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About triiyo

triiyo is an employee-centric, connectivity platform that simplifies the way people connect and communicate during workplace transitions such as parental leave, retirement planning, and mental health leave.

Focused on employee wellbeing, engagement, and retention - organizations can prioritize the employee experience by supporting managers and employees via automated tailored communication flows, communities, and expertly curated content.

The platform provides a safe space for employees to confidentially access support, connect and share information during life-changing events throughout the employee lifecycle.

Why triiyo partnered with WORK180

It is essential that organizations invest in a range of employee benefits and improvements in policy, such as parental leave, to address workplace issues: diversity, inclusion, belonging, talent retention, increasing female participation, and maintaining women in leadership roles.

triiyo provides a seamless process that underpins company policy and procedures via automated communication flows configured to your organization. Employees and managers are guided along the time-based journey during workplace transitions and life events, ensuring everyone has a positive experience that increases the return on investment in both policy and your people and elevates company perception.

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