May 27, 2022

Storytelling: making an impact as a F5 Sales Operations Analyst

What a Sales Operations Analyst does

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Technology is a disruptive industry, constantly seeking to innovate and stay ahead of the curve – and it needs to react quickly to changes in consumer behavior. As a Sales Operation Analyst at F5, Megha Razdan talks us through her essential role, translating big data into real-world stories, and the critical influence her analysis has on high-level business strategy.  

Turning data into stories

If you’re unfamiliar with the role of Sales Operations, Megha says many people “immediately assume it’s to do with selling products or assisting sales.” And while supporting the sales team’s goals may be the ultimate aim, it’s not always in the way you might think.

Alongside her regional Sales Leader at F5, Megha handles “huge data sets,” analyzing the findings to identify emerging consumer trends. She then skillfully interprets the information into accurate sales forecasts. 

“I love to create reports and translate data and performance numbers into stories, which help us understand how the business is doing.”

How well-told stories can transform a business

By knowing how to read the numbers in detail – “be it forecasting data or revenue/rebate analysis” – Megha can provide an accurate picture of how different areas of the company are performing and how consumers are responding to individual products and services.

The conclusions Megha draws are then used to “drive the amazing initiatives that help to not only grow the business but also promote it.”

A leading role – with many hats

Megha compares the highly valued role of Sales Operations to the “heart or engine of the sales organization”, and within this varied and fast-paced position, she finds herself wearing many hats!

From assisting in designing sales processes and reporting on the performance of different areas of the business, to ensuring the accuracy of sales forecasts and Salesforce data, managing proposals, and reviewing contracts, Megha’s impact is felt at all stages and across all levels of the organization. Despite the many facets of her role, Megha takes it all in her stride:

“I enjoy my work and am always learning from new challenges. I am quite an optimistic person who finds a silver lining behind every situation.”

Learning and development opportunities

As someone who enjoys storytelling through data, it will come as no surprise that Megha is an avid reader at home too – especially novels that require solving complex mysteries from the given facts of a case!

What a Sales Operations Analyst does

“I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes. In my free time, when I am not running after my kids, you can find me in a corner of my house with a book and a cup of coffee.”

At work, too, Megha is always looking to expand on her experience and knowledge, and since joining F5, she has felt fully supported in her continued growth:

F5 has provided access to learning platforms, and they hold learning day events where you can choose to learn a new skill. You can also join groups within the organization who will mentor and support you.” 

F5 offers a range of leadership programs, mentorship, and coaching to its employees.

Find out more about this and their other employee benefits.

Making the decision to join F5

As you’d expect, with such an analytical mind, Megha likes to look at all the facts and consider a situation from all perspectives before making her next move: 

“I do a lot of overthinking, but in the end, I am very confident about my decisions and actions.”

And when it comes to whether she made the right decision to join F5, Megha couldn’t be more certain. Originally from India, and now with eight years of experience in Sales Operations, Megha joined the F5 team only nine months ago – but already feels like a true F5er! 

“F5 is an amazing place to work. I knew I’d made the right decision, the moment I got to know how F5 is working towards creating a diverse and inclusive world for women employees. I really appreciate the different initiatives F5 is undertaking to create positive changes for women.”

Grateful to the amazing the team who have supported her as she settled into the role, Megha is always honest and receptive to those around her and welcomes their feedback:

“I am an open book to my peers. I have been lucky to be surrounded by good people who understand me but have also taken the time to guide me.” 

The next chapter?

Megha joined F5 in 2021 and due to COVID-19 restrictions has been based from home throughout her time (F5 has now also adopted a permanent hybrid working). Although there have been some downsides to starting a new job from home, it has enabled Megha to establish a good work-life balance with her young family, while still excelling professionally: 

What a Sales Operations Analyst does

“The flexibility to work from home, while taking care of my two-year-old has helped me to concentrate on my work without worrying.” 

In summing up her experience of working at F5 so far, she says:

“I feel very honored to work at F5. Even though I have yet to step foot in the office, I feel I have been part of the F5 family for many years.”

With such a great team behind her and clear career goals ahead, it sounds as though Megha is busy writing her very own success story!

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