May 9, 2022

Why Liberty Financial is the best choice for this working mother

Employers for working mothers

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Returning to work after her second child, Narelle thought she knew what she wanted – a job that could fit around her family’s needs. She hadn’t really given her own career growth much consideration; her priorities had shifted, and she thought she was fine with that. But on joining Liberty Financial, Narelle discovered it’s more than possible to continue to flourish and grow in a successful and challenging career while keeping your family at number one. 

Families are welcome at Liberty

As many working mothers know, it can often feel like a tricky balancing act to keep a fulfilling career going and be there for your family. But at Liberty, Narelle has found not only a supportive work-life balance, but an active encouragement of family life. 

“My family comes first. At Liberty, I know they value that. I have never felt that my personal life has been a burden on my career at Liberty.”

There are plenty of opportunities to get the family involved and Narelle’s family and friends are often shocked by just how much support is offered to its employees, even including subsidized childcare in the workplace during the holidays. 

Employers for working mothers

“My family has been welcomed into the Liberty community. Liberty is always looking for ways to include those dearest to us and we have experienced many Family Fun days at Latitude Trampoline Park, Bounce, and Luna Park. But one of the most valuable programs offered is the school holiday program run by KidsCo. My kids love coming into the office with me and taking part in the exciting programs that KidsCo provides.”

Family values extend beyond official perks and benefits offered by the company though. Throughout the company, colleagues are supportive of people’s external priorities. It means Narelle never feels she must choose between her family and work responsibilities.

“Most importantly, the team around me supports any need I may have to tend to my family. They are there to tell me it’s OK and to look after myself and my family. They pick up the workload in my absence with no hesitation or qualms.”

Liberty champions women through their women in leadership programs, flexible working hours, and a fertility support policy.

Find out more about these and other employee incentives.

Liberty invests in people, not just careers

After Narelle started her family, she thought “most of my career growth was done.” But even though Narelle’s experience had been “heavily weighted in the Loss Mitigation space,” Liberty saw and valued her transferrable skills and encouraged her to consider a different role. 

“My current role as a Business Development Manager is left field to my experience. I probably would never have recognized this if my leaders at Liberty didn’t see me and my value. I am fortunate to work for a company that is invested in its people and in learning.”

But Narelle says it doesn’t stop there! Not only does she feel Liberty has helped her acknowledge her potential and helped her career flourish, but she also feels she has grown as a person too. 

“The investment has not only been in my growth and learning, but it has also been in me as a person. Even during the initial recruitment process I felt heard by the people I had met.” 

Liberty is changing the world by changing its outlook

Narelle wants to use her experience to help shape a better future for her daughters. She wants them to live in “a world where they are valued for who they are and that supports them to be just that.” 

“I am at a point in my working life that my job is more than a job. I want to use my working platform to make a difference – that women are just as valuable in every role as men.” 

Until she joined Liberty, Narelle says she never really thought much about the wider impact her job might have but seeing how it is possible to do things differently, to change from the inside, has really opened her eyes.

Employers for working mothers

“Before I worked at Liberty, I never really reflected on what I was doing, how it affected others, how I could grow. Now, I’m encouraged to stop and reflect on how I can push and grow even further as a person, how my language can make an impact, how my inner activist can pay it forward – Liberty awoke this mindset for me.”

When asked to describe how Liberty is different from other companies, Narelle chose to describe how she feels as an employee. 

“If I have to sum it up in one word, I would say Appreciation! You are appreciated as a person, for your value, for your curiosity.”

Liberty could help you reach your potential

Narelle’s experiences go to show that having a family is definitely not an end to your career growth. With the right support and a can-do approach, you can continue to thrive in the workplace. 

Do you think Liberty might be right for your next career move? Narelle has some final words of advice:

Employers for working mothers

“Choose curiosity over judgment, learning over knowing, people over numbers and you’ll succeed at Liberty.”

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Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job. Check out the latest job vacancies with Liberty Financial