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Helping you become an employer of choice for all women

Beyond our seal of approval, we actively support our Endorsed Employers’ diversity strategies. This means different things for different companies, which is why our range of packages include varying tools, tactics, and levels of contact.

“It’s not just a tick in the box ‘you are endorsed’. You have to really make the most of what’s on offer, get involved in campaigns. and take up as much of the support, advice, and guidance that WORK180 provides.”

Lynn Crump
Head of Corporate Communications at G&W UK (Freightliner and Pentalver)

We focus on long-lasting results

that can’t be achieved through tokenism, box-ticking, or one-off training

In eighteen months, the number of women applying to roles at BHP increased from 10% of total applications to


Weeks after helping Uber make its hiring process more inclusive, applications from women rose by


WORK180 packages

Support for every stage of the diversity and inclusion journey

Products and services Promoter, megaphone icon


Use a range of tools and expertise to make sure you’re not just reaching more women, but are engaging with them in the right way. It’s all about refining your hiring process to get that diverse range of candidates your company needs.

Products and services Builder, hammer icon


Great employers know that good intentions aren’t good enough. This package provides the support and exposure you need to raise your employer profile, as well as expert guidance to make impactful changes for women in your workplace.

Products and services Maximiser, rocket icon


Want to ensure you’re walking the talk and retaining the diverse workforce you’re working hard to build? This package not only helps to build your employer profile and improve your offering, but ensures you’re nurturing and retaining your workforce.

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Reserved for those with outstanding dedication to diversity, this package supports employers in their ambitions to become leading employers. With the highest level of support and exposure, they’re celebrated changemakers.

How to choose your package


Our endorsement check

Take five minutes to see if your company meets the standards we set for our Endorsed Employers. In 2021 only 50% of employers passed.


Your consultation call

If you pass our endorsement check, we’ll discuss your diversity strategy. If not, we’ll be sure to share the steps you need to take to get there.


Package and pricing

Together, we’ll identify the WORK180 package that best supports your diversity strategy. This includes your current business objectives, resources, and timelines.

Package inclusions

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The WORK180 endorsement badge

Our endorsement badge is a global symbol of great workplaces for women. Proudly display it on your careers page, social platforms, and even your company emails — customers care about your commitment to gender equity too. Read more on why the badge matters.

Dedicated page on the WORK180 directory

Women with a WORK180 account can use our directory to view and compare our Endorsed Employers. Playing an important role in the job search process, it's the perfect place to raise your profile as an employer of choice for all women. See for yourself.

'Leveraging your Endorsement' workshop

This workshop is designed to help you amplify your endorsement as an employer of choice for women. The 30-minute session, led by your DEI account manager will cover how to utilize your WORK180 profile, tips for writing inclusive job ads, using JobAd180 tool to increase applications from women and how to display your endorsement badge.

Exclusive access to event sponsorship

Each year, WORK180 hosts a range of career events for women around the world. As well as amplifying your brand profile to an engaged network of women, sponsoring events gives you the chance to interact with potential candidates.

WORK180 global campaigns

As an Endorsed Employers you are invited to promote your commitment to women’s careers by featuring in our quarterly global campaigns. Shining a light on a range of workplace issues, the highly promoted content reaches a wide audience of women. Explore recent campaigns.

Employee stories

Research has proven that storytelling is significantly more influential than simply sharing facts. Our expert storytellers collaborate with your employees to create engaging articles that bring your employer value proposition to life. Recent employee stories.

Inclusion in thought leadership content

Your organization will be given the chance to feature in selected WORK180 thought leadership content to amplify your profile as a progressive, industry leading employer.

Inclusion as a featured speaker in certain WORK180 events

Your organization will be given the opportunity to be featured as a panellist or keynote speaker at any relevant WORK180 events in order to further amplify your status as a leading employer for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Quarterly business reports

Presented by your dedicated DEI Account Manager, you’ll receive data and insights to focus and amplify your gender equity efforts. This includes competitor benchmarking and feedback from the women looking at your roles.

Benchmarking and best practice

Using our global index, your DEI Account Manager will regularly review your current efforts towards gender equity. They will provide expert recommendations on your benefits and policies, helping you become a leading employer for all women. About our Gender Equity Index.


This independent survey of your employees will show you how your current workforce perceives your company. Guided by your DEI Account Manager, you can then identify areas for improvement that will attract, nurture, and retain a truly diverse team. Find out how it works.

The Feedback Loop

Our Feedback Loop provides anonymous feedback from the women applying for your roles. These valuable insights help you refine and build an inclusive hiring process that works for everyone.

Hours per year with a DEI Account Manager

Depending on your package, you will be assigned a dedicated DEI account manager. This person will give you tailored advice for your organization, help you measure and benchmark against global best practice, offer resource and training options to support your goals, and help you identify the best ways to amplify your employer value proposition for women.

The WORK180 job board

Featuring Endorsed Employers only, we offer a trusted platform for job seeking women. Allow them to apply for roles right away or guide them to your own website. You can also manage technical scraping from your company’s Applicant Tracking System. View job board.


By highlighting the use of gender-biased language in your job adverts, our clever writing tool can help your team attract more women to your underrepresented roles.

‘Activating your DEI advocates’ workshop

This workshop covers the power of advocacy and offers practical steps to help you build DEI advocates within your team in order to reach and engage more diverse candidates.

Before identifying the best packaging and pricing for your team, we ask all organizations to take our endorsement check. This is to ensure you meet the minimum workplace standards we set for all employers we work with. 


Understand, empower, and amplify your employee voices

What makes your company a good, bad, or great employer for women and underrepresented individuals? Where should you be focusing your efforts when it comes to diversity, equity, and inclusion?

Our ready-made engagement survey makes it quick and easy to get the honest answers you need to make a real impact.

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