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Nuseed delivers VALUE BEYOND YIELD® through Canola, Carinata, Sorghum and Sunflower seed for farm customers and new plant-based solutions for end-use customers globally. Our industry leading Beyond Yield Carinata and Omega-3 Canola products provide a truly sustainable platform recognizing the ever-evolving environmental challenges our world is facing. All of this is core to our global commitment and what sets us apart.

Over 350 Nuseed employees work across our global locations, including three world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers. Nuseed is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited (AUX: NUF).

Nuseed is looking for an Associate/Analyst to join our team of experts working to build and scale agricultural solutions to address global climate change through biological feedstock production and value chain management that has the potential to drastically decarbonize the energy, chemical, and transportation sectors in the near term. The successful candidate will support in collection, analysis and synthesis of farm-level agronomic data to help develop and maintain Life Cycle Analysis (LCA) calculation tools. S/he will leverage actual, modeled and/or measured data as well as public data sources to calculate and analyze GHG emissions, soil carbon and other sustainability outcomes. Nuseed is a company grounded in robust science and cutting-edge thinking and the successful candidate will make a meaningful contribution to enterprise sustainability and climate goals while collaborating with a team of subject matter experts across various topic areas.

Position Summary

The Sustainable Carbon Life Cycle Associate/ Analyst will assist and collaborate in the LCA framework, defining system boundaries and specifications in projects across many sectors of the company and provide data treatment and statistical analyses of GHG outcomes. The position requires a member that values inquiry and rigor as well as a science- and data-oriented approach.

Objectives & Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist in foundational LCA framework projects across many sectors (farm-level, supply chain partners, R&D, agronomy).
  • Support life cycle assessment (LCA) initiatives across the company.
  • Develop specifications for LCA systems, LC impact assessment methods, and allocation methodologies for various bioenergy feedstocks and systems.
  • Collaborate with and support scientists, product managers, policy experts, agronomists, and IT specialists to drive our products forward.

Position-Specific Skills & Experience Required


    • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree with 2+ years of experience in a sustainability-driven technical field with analyst support experience, industrial ecology, engineering, or a similar sustainability-related degree with a relevant focus on life cycle assessment methods.


    • Have performed and/or developed LCAs in an industry setting or significant academia experience can be applied.
    • Have working knowledge of the Renewable Fuel Standard and experience in Low Carbon Fuel Standard models (GREET, CA-GREET, WA-GREET, FD-CIC) and/or have working knowledge of European Renewable Energy Directive and experience in qualifying modeling systems.
    • Educated and experienced in the computational elements of life cycle assessment such as:
      • Data collection methods (e.g., survey design and deployment)
      • Data normalization
      • Statistical analyses and methodologies.
    • Strong attention to detail, analytical and project management skills, including the ability to prioritize and support outcomes towards sustainability and climate goals.
    • Proficiency in Excel skills - forecast models, organized workbooks, etc.
    • Excellent problem-solving capabilities.
    • Flexible, able and interested in working in a variety of industries (e.g., agriculture, energy)

Desirable qualifications/experience:

    • Product allocation.
    • Understanding of GHG Protocol Corporate Value Chain Accounting and Reporting Standard.
    • Experience with GHG Inventory development is a plus.
    • Have knowledge of LCA standards (ISO, GHG Protocol) and databases (US LCI, Ecoinvent, others).
    • Uncertainty and sensitivity analyses.
    • Have LCA experience in agricultural and/or food supply chain sectors.
    • Experience with biogeochemical models such as GTAP, DayCent and/or Century is desirable.

Internal Stakeholders

  • Nuseed Senior Leadership Team
  • Nuseed Agronomy Team
  • Carinata R&D Team
  • Carinata Business Development Team

External Stakeholders

  • Experts in GHG Models (university/national labs)
  • Certification Schemes (RSB/ISCC)
  • Regulatory Agencies

The incumbent can be expect to be allocated duties, not specifically mentioned in this document, but within the capacity, qualifications & experience normally expected from persons occupying positions at this classification.

The Company will make reasonable accommodations to individuals with known disabilities who are able to perform the essential functions of their jobs with or without such accommodations, unless doing so would impose an undue hardship on the Company’s operations. Individuals requiring accommodation should speak to the Company’s Human Resources Department concerning their needs.

Salary Range: $66,000-$85,000 USD

Nuseed takes several factors into consideration when determining salary ranges. These factors include, but are not limited to, candidate experience, education, geographical location, and industry. Nuseed roles are incentive eligible and offer a robust benefit package that are not reflected in the noted salary range.