PepsiCo Data & Analytics Division

PepsiCo Data & Analytics Division

Go just about anywhere, and you’ll find us. We’re on every continent, infused in the daily lives of billions. At PepsiCo, you’ll be at the center of excitement, shaping global trends like nowhere else. This is where business connects with culture. We work with artists, musicians, entertainers and influencers to create the future of consumer experiences. Let’s work together and make ideas that ripple in every corner of the world.

Our success lies in our people. We offer our employees opportunities to make a meaningful impact, gain new skills and build successful careers in a diverse and inclusive workplace. Bring your unique perspective. Bring curiosity. Bring ingenuity. Bring drive. Because what makes you unique, makes us better.

Performance with Purpose

Integrity, a drive for results, and exemplary teamwork and collaboration are traits we see again and again in our military and veterans. This makes people who have served—and are serving—in our armed forces a perfect fit for PepsiCo.

From our hiring and employment practices, to our community outreach and employee resource group, VALOR, we’re committed to supporting a successful transition from military to civilian life.

VALOR's mission is to recognize, appreciate and support military, veterans, their families and our communities and to strengthen PepsiCo's role as a leading military and business partner.

STEM Women at PepsiCo

STEM is essential to the opportunity, innovation and excitement that define PepsiCo. For the data analysis behind our consumer insights, the food science in our products, the environmental engineering in our manufacturing plants or the systems that underpin how we run the business, STEM professionals are at the heart of how this great company operates.

"Cliona Murphy is vice president, Global Quality Assurance for PepsiCo, where she is responsible for ensuring the high standards of all PepsiCo products. An early advocate for flexible work and work-life balance, she has been a positive force in PepsiCo’s efforts toward gender parity and leads the global Million Women Mentors program, which inspires young women to study, work and stay in STEM."
Cliona Murphy
Vice president, Global Quality Assurance
Cliona Murphy , Vice president, Global Quality Assurance

Opportunity. Innovation. Excitement. These are just some of the reasons why one of PepsiCo’s top engineers, a global vice president, wants more women in STEM to follow her lead.

Perks and Benefits

Our success lies in our people, to help you be successful we have comprehensive healthcare offering including health advocacy services for you and your family, telemedicine services, physical, emotional and financial counseling and support and even help with tutoring, test prep and homework help.  We also offer adoption, fertility and surrogacy assistance as part of our health care offering, full details are available in the employee handbook and the internal intranet.

Employee Resource Groups

Change can only happen when we can be ourselves. That’s why PepsiCo offers employee resource groups, like EQUAL, to help everyone feel accepted and respected. Currently, we have an informal Global EQUAL call where EQUAL chapter leaders from all over the world come together to share information. By the end of this year, we are hoping to formalize this even more by establishing two Global EQUAL co-chairs along with a high-ranking Executive Sponsor.

We have a lot of educational sessions, including panel discussions. We’ve had senior leaders from PepsiCo — as well as other businesses — talk about navigating LGBTQ+ identity at work and the role that allies play to support them. The Human Rights Campaign has designated PepsiCo as one of the best places to work for LGBTQ equality!

Pepsico Careers: Your Talent. Our Stage.

At PepsiCo, people from different backgrounds and experiences eagerly roll up their sleeves, pitch in and get to work. We share a desire to succeed, and to win! The work is exhilarating, the atmosphere is electric and the brands are world-class. We get great satisfaction knowing that our ideas are not only championed but they are acted upon and brought to life. Our commitment to creating the best consumer products begins with our people.

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