About Radicle

Radicle is a new market insights company that helps the world’s leading companies make faster, better informed, and more confident investments in the future. We have a set of targeted products, powered by our growing network of professionals with startup and hyper-growth experience, that can help our clients surface critical insights, identify actionable opportunities, and now hire transformational talent.

While the explosion in startup and venture capital funding over the past ten years has created a lot of uncertainty, it’s also created opportunity: a deep pool of millions of startup and hypergrowth professionals anchored in the future who can help you surface critical insights, identify actionable opportunities, and hire transformational talent. Radicle is a new market insights company, tapping into this latent expertise to help the world’s leading companies make faster, better informed, and more confident investments in the future: launching new products and services, deciding what markets to enter (and how), finding the right startup opportunities, and hiring transformational talent. We believe that new markets require new insights because the future is different from the present and insights on new markets are often not in consumers’ heads and accessible via surveying but in the heads of people anchored in the future and building the future of these markets.


Core Values

We pride ourselves on having built a culture that attracts high-quality people. Over the last year, 100% of candidates who we've made job offers to have accepted the role. These are the things we care about (the 4 C's):

Customer-obsessed: As an organization we are Customer-obsessed. This means that we are always seeking feedback from customers on our products and approach and are always thinking about ways we can better serve them with new features, new products, and new models. We are not satisfied without the current product set and actively seek opportunities to improve.

Collaboration: We are active Collaborators – internally and externally. Externally, we always want to be viewed as a helpful partner by our customers, not simply as a vendor or a service provider. Internally, we seek to support our teammates, answering questions, sharing best practices, and being a partner to them, as well.

Communication: Clearly communicating is critical. We want to structure and outline our thoughts before sharing them so that our intended message is clear and not misinterpreted.

Curiosity: We encourage a growth mindset, asking questions, pursuing the 5 Whys, and expanding our surface area of knowledge, inside and outside the office.

Lastly, we believe in Our Contract with You: “Help make our company more valuable, and we’ll make you more valuable.”

Employee Perks 

100% Remote

We do not currently have a physical office space - about half of our employees are located in New York City, while the other half are located across the US, and other cities like London, Shenzhen, Canada, and South Africa. While we don't have a permanent office, we do offer WeWork All Access Memberships to all of our employees who wish to work from a co-working space rather than from home. This flexibility is cherished by the team. It has allowed for employees to move from New York City to places like Charleston, SC or Savannah, GA. We've also had an employee move to Greece and Spain for the summer and work from there.

Every Other Friday Off

The whole team currently has every other Friday off (so the standard schedule is to work 9 days out of 10). We started this during Covid to make sure everyone had some well-deserved downtime and it’s kinda stuck. If there’s a public holiday during a 4-day week then we push back the Friday off to the next week.


You can take as much vacation as you want. We just ask that you communicate well and use good judgment. Ultimately, we want everyone on the team to be able to enjoy personal downtime. 


**Please see our entire list of benefits, including 401k, healthcare, family leave, etc. on the next tab "Benefits & Policies"

Our Culture

Team All-hands Meetings: 3x per week

  • Mon - weekly pulse check, shoutouts, & spot awards
  • Wed - lunch and learns, guest speakers, article discussions, & trainings
  • Thurs/Fri - recap of the week, sharing learnings, & discussing weekend plans

Song of the Day: On a rotating basis, each person on the team sends through a favorite song that others listen to and comment on...our Radicle Spotify playlist is 🔥

Water Cooler Trivia: Every Monday the team gets sent a 10 question trivia quiz and the results get published on Tuesday...banter and discussions over the leaderboard results quickly follow.

Social Committee: We use a quarterly budget to plan in-person and virtual events for the team ~1x/month...highlights include: mind-reader, cocktail-making classes, murder mystery, and more.

Above and Beyond Awards: Whenever someone on the team notices someone else going above and beyond, they can nominate them for this award and we send the employee a $50 Amazon Gift card.

Company Celebration Day: Each year in December we have a Company Celebration Day to highlight successes from the year, vote on our most impactful project, and recognize excellence for individual performance. 

Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Policy

Radicle is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an equal and inclusive environment for all employees.

We want Radicle to represent a wide range of people -- people from different backgrounds, with different lived experiences, and with different outlooks on life. This makes for a stimulating workplace, one where we learn from each other and grow individually within a supportive team.

We work hard to ensure that everyone on the team has the same opportunities to learn, develop, and to pursue their professional interests. Everyone should feel they are an equally valued and respected member of the team. We want to create opportunities for everyone to make a meaningful contribution to our collective success.