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How does Radicle Labs Inc create a diverse and equitable workplace?
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Flexible working

Flexible working

Find out how you can work flexibly at Radicle Labs Inc.
Career development

Career development

Learn how Radicle Labs Inc will invest in your personal growth.
Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture

Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture

Check out how Radicle Labs Inc fosters a positive working culture.
Shared caring responsibility

Shared caring responsibility

See your leave entitlements as a parent and/or carer at Radicle Labs Inc.
Equity board

Diversity and equity at Radicle Labs Inc

As a WORK180 Endorsed Employer, Radicle Labs Inc is committed to ensuring all their employees can thrive. Check out the strategies they have in place across our 10 key standards for driving equity in the workplace.

Flexible working arrangements

This standard focuses on the way organizations step outside traditional '9 - 5' structures to ensure every employee can deliver their best, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Strategies in place at Radicle Labs Inc
StrategyFormalized policy related to flexible working arrangements in place
StrategyFlexible work options offered:
Flexibility typeAvailability
Compressed working weekAll employees
Flexible start and finish timesAll employees
Job sharing arrangementsIndividual needs considered
Part-time contractsIndividual needs considered
Rostered days offAll employees
Time-off in lieu of overtimeAll employees
Work from anywhere (remote working) optionsAll employees
Work from anywhere (remote working) permanentlyAll employees
StrategyUnlimited paid holiday, vacation or annual leave in the first 12-months
StrategyUnlimited fully paid personal sick leave in the first 12-months
StrategyOpen to candidates discussing flexible working arrangements during an interview
StrategyOperational set up:
Co-working spaces utilized
StrategyFully paid community service leave in the first 12-months:
StrategyUnpaid leave options:
Individual needs considered
Equity board

About Radicle Labs Inc

Radicle is a new market insights company that helps the world’s leading companies make faster, better informed, and more confident investments in the future. We have a set of targeted products, powered by our growing network of professionals with startup and hyper-growth experience, that can help our clients surface critical insights, identify actionable opportunities, and now hire transformational talent.

While the explosion in startup and venture capital funding over the past ten years has created a lot of uncertainty, it’s also created opportunity: a deep pool of millions of startup and hypergrowth professionals anchored in the future who can help you surface critical insights, identify actionable opportunities, and hire transformational talent. Radicle is a new ...

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