Shipt brings the store to your door. Through a community of Shipt Shoppers and a convenient app, Shipt provides personal shopping and delivery and is available to 80% of households in more than 5,000 U.S. cities. Shipt Shoppers go above and beyond, communicating in real time about preferences and substitutions. A curated marketplace of retailers, Shipt offers access to a variety of stores and product categories including fresh foods, household essentials, wellness products, office and pet supplies. 

Women in Tech: How Shipt Stacks Up

Shipt is proud to celebrate and support women. They’re the heart of our organization, after all, comprising two-thirds of our C-suite. And while we’ve nearly doubled the number of women in tech roles at Shipt over the past 2 years, we’re not done yet. Supporting women is an essential part of the tech industry’s future and we’re excited to keep making strides.

Creating New Opportunities in Tech

Career progression helps both employees and the company grow. We're partnering with Pivot Technology School to invest in our employees and do our part to close the diversity gap in the tech industry. As part of a 20-week program with Pivot, 32 team members and external applicants will learn core competencies to backend development and data analytics.

Sankofa - Employee Resource Group

Sankofa is the company’s first Employee Resource Group (ERG). The mission of this group is to connect and empower employees of African descent through cultural exploration and community building. Sankofa aims to build a safe space for their community and its allies while educating Shipt employees at large on issues pertaining to their Black identity.

"From your very first day there is an amazing group of people assisting you with your transition into employment. I was extremely excited to find a group of LGBTQIA+ individuals who could share their experiences and share their journeys with me. Shipt truly fosters positivity, love, acceptance with every breath they take. If you are looking for a company where your hard work and character will be cherished, then Shipt is the place to be. "
Justin Petty
Trust and Safety Specialist
Justin Petty, Trust and Safety Specialist