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At TE, you will unleash your potential working with people from diverse backgrounds and industries to create a safer, sustainable and more connected world.

Job Overview

TE Connectivity’s Information Security and Compliance Teams execute security controls to prevent hackers from infiltrating company information or jeopardizing e-commerce programs. The research attempted to compromise security protocols, maintain security systems for routers and switches, administer security policies to control system access, maintain the company’s firewall, and use applicable encryption methods. TE’s Security and Compliance Teams also provide management with information regarding the negative impact on the business caused by theft, destruction, alteration, or denial of access to information.
The Cyber Defense Analyst manages and monitors the security controls that protect the company's assets. This includes, but is not limited to, identifying security threats and vulnerabilities, implementing protective measures, and responding to any information security incidents.
The Cyber Defense Analyst will be exposed to a range of aspects of security (Operations, Investigations, Network, Server, Identity and Access, Endpoint, Application, Incident Response, Authentication/Authorization, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Automation/Orchestration, analytics, training and awareness, threat modeling, etc.) and will ultimately focus on the areas in which their skills and interests overlap with the needs of the company and team.

Responsibilities & Qualifications:
Responsibilities will vary based on the candidate’s experience and skills, which are aligned with the needs of the Cyber Defense Team. The following are some examples of potential responsibilities: Handling access requests, Working with ticketing systems, Security Event Monitoring and Investigation, Incident Response, Security Data Analytics, Security Control Management (Firewall, Intrusion Detection, Endpoint detection and Response, Vulnerability Management, etc.) Security Training and Awareness Experience: At least three years of IT experience. Active Directory Experience with account management Experience with email analysis Must have technology passion and stay current with emerging security trends. The motivation to learn by investigating, learning from others, and sharing their knowledge. Excellent verbal & written communication and presentation skills. Must be able to communicate effectively to executive and developer levels. Experience with new technology evaluations, software package selection, and buy vs. build analysis—the ability to influence others outside their direct control area and be seen as a team player.

Primary Responsibilities:
1. Cyber Alert Monitoring / Cyber Threat Hunting - Identifying and reacting to threats throughout the organization utilizing a variety of security tools
2. Incident Response - Responsible for incident investigation, including host, network, and log forensics
3. Security Automation and Orchestration (SAO) - Responsible for managing and developing the SAO platform
4. Security Controls Management - Manage the entire suite of Enterprise Security Controls, including (but not limited to) EDR, UEBA, SIEM, Intrusion Detection/Prevention, 2-factor solutions, vulnerability scanning, sandboxes, encryption technologies, authentication/authorization solutions, Data Loss Prevention, flow monitoring, etc.
5. Red/Blue Fusion Team - Participate in regular penetration tests of our environment from both internal and external locations

What your background should look like:

1. Experience implementing and managing security solutions
2. Demonstrated experience in understanding networking technologies and protocols
3. Systems administration experience with Windows or UNIX-based operating systems
4. Demonstrated experience with at least one programming/scripting language
5. Capable of consulting with technical and business teams to understand their security issues and communicate on a tactical and strategic level.
6. Must have a passion for technology and stay current with emerging security trends.
7. Excellent verbal & written communication and presentation skills. Must be able to communicate effectively to executive and developer levels.

1. Experience with some security tools and technologies, including but not limited to:
⦁ Intrusion Detection/Prevention
⦁ Penetration Testing
⦁ Malware Analysis/Reverse Engineering
⦁ Vulnerability scanning
⦁ Encryption technologies
⦁ Etc.
2. Experience working in a global organization.
3. Experience with threat intelligence and risk evaluation
4. Experience with performing security audits

The qualified candidate must have a passion for security and strong technical knowledge across a broad technology spectrum. Must understand security technology trends, standards, marketplace offerings, best practices, and how to apply them. You must also be able to lead others through collaboration, teamwork, and thought leadership.

Educational Required/Desired:
Undergraduate degree in an Information Technology/Systems discipline OR other equivalent work experience/certifications.


Values: Integrity, Accountability, Inclusion, Innovation, Teamwork


  • Competitive base salary commensurate with experience: $78,400 - $117,600 (subject to change dependent on physical location)
  • Posted salary ranges are made in good faith. TE Connectivity reserves the right to adjust ranges depending on the experience/qualification of the selected candidate as well as internal and external equity.
  • Total Compensation = Base Salary + Incentive(s) + Benefits
  • A comprehensive benefits package including health insurance, 401(k), disability, life insurance, employee stock purchase plan, paid time off and voluntary benefits.

EOE, Including Disability/Vets