Benefit or policy case study submission

Amplify the opportunities and offerings that make your organization stand out.

The purpose of an employer story about a benefit or policy case study is to showcase how your organization is truly offering women and other underrepresented groups a workplace where they can thrive. We want our audiences to know that your commitment to DEI not only talks the talk but walks the walk. These stories help people see what is possible.

Please use the short questionnaire form below to tell us about a particular benefit or policy and the impacts it’s had. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll write the story and send it back to you for approval. Once approved, we’ll publish your story on our website and/or social media channels, sharing it with thousands of women

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How it works



Please complete the questionnaire form below.



Once you complete the form below, our writers begin their magic and draft your employer story.

Estimated return time: 3 weeks



We send the draft story to you for feedback and approval. We will process up to two rounds of edits.

Estimated return time: 3 weeks



The approved story is added to our website (long-form format only), and then scheduled to be posted on our social media platforms.

Estimated return time: 2 weeks



Once the story is published, we’ll share the links with you so you can share the content on your own social platforms.

Please answer the questions below so that we can create your employer feature story.

Got questions? View our frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between the social media carousel and long-form article options for employee stories?

When completing the employee story nomination form (above), you’ll be asked to select whether you want your employee story format to be a set up as a social media carousel or as a long-form article.

A social media carousel consists of a number of slides that social media users can scroll through to read short snippets of information about that employee. This is a much shorter, visual option that typically receives great engagement rates on various social media platforms. This option is great for short, punchy stories with clear and concise messages. View example here.

A long form article is more of a blog type of format that will sit on the WORK180 website. We will post a short excerpt and image from the article onto our social media channels with a link to the full article. This option is better for employee stories that have a lot of information to convey, where there’s an opportunity to delve deep into the employee’s life story, career history etc. These types of stories typically enjoy high average time on page statistics. View example here

Will the story follow our corporate tone of voice?

WORK180 will be narrating the content we write about your organization. To this end, we will be using our own brand guidelines and tone of voice, and not attempting to replicate each Endorsed Employers individual corporate brand voice. 

We’ve been writing for our audience for a while now, and know how to hit that empathetic and conversational tone just right to keep our readers engaged and inspired. This third-party perspective of your organization provides additional influence, credibility, and authenticity to your Endorsed Employer brand. 

Will I get to review the story before it's published?

Yes. We will of course appreciate your participation and feedback in the fact-checking process. However, in terms of the style and tone of voice, as the narrators of the content we must be consistent with the trusted brand tone our audience has come to expect. So, please be aware some suggestions or edits that conflict with this tone may not be applicable.

How long before the story will be published?

From the time we receive a completed nomination form, we will try to have the story live on our platforms within 12 weeks.

How will I know when our story is live?

Once the story is published, you will be provided with the links.
Please feel free to share these across your own channels.