Employer Feature Story Selection

Build awareness and authenticity around your employer value proposition with content that inspires!

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An Employer Feature Story creates clear and compelling content that gives the culture of your organization a tangible and authentic narrative, which can help increase the desirability of your organization as a potential workplace. These stories help people see what is possible.

If you have an Employer Feature Story as part of your WORK180 package, please select the type of story you’d like us to create from the options below.  

Once we have all the information we need, we’ll write the story and send it back to you for approval. Once approved, we’ll publish your story on our website and/or social media channels, sharing it with thousands of women.

What Employer Feature Stories look like

You can choose from two format styles for your story. Either format can be used for one of three types of stories: employee strory, initiative case study and policy case study. Got more questions? See our FAQ below.

Long-form article

(published on the WORK180 website and shared on LinkedIn)

Social media carousel

(published on LinkedIn & Instagram)

Examples of Employer Feature Stories

Ready to get started?

Select which type of Employer Feature Story you would like:

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Initiative case study

Have you got an initiative that’s solving a diversity, equity, or inclusion problem in your organization? A new mental well-being program, or a long-running employee resource group, or perhaps a great return-to-work program? Share it here!

Image of women that have been a part of our employee story campaigns

Employee story

We can write about your CEO or senior leaders, new recruits or first-year apprentices, industry experts or career transitioners, employees with children or without, people of all genders, ethnicities, abilities, sexual orientations, or their allies. Everyone is welcome!

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Benefit or policy story

Are your benefits and policies setting the pace in your industry? Do you have candidates asking you for more information about your flexible work policy, your paid parental leave policy, or your employee support benefits? Amplify your DEI efforts here!

Frequently asked questions

Will the story follow our corporate tone of voice?

WORK180 will be narrating the content we write about your organization. To this end, we will be using our own brand guidelines and tone of voice, and not attempting to replicate each Endorsed Employers individual corporate brand voice. 

We’ve been writing for our audience for a while now, and know how to hit that empathetic and conversational tone just right to keep our readers engaged and inspired. This third-party perspective of your organization provides additional influence, credibility, and authenticity to your Endorsed Employer brand. 

Will I get to review the story before it's published?

Yes. We will of course appreciate your participation and feedback in the fact-checking process. However, in terms of the style and tone of voice, as the narrators of the content we must be consistent with the trusted brand tone our audience has come to expect. So, please be aware some suggestions or edits that conflict with this tone may not be applicable.

How long before the story will be published?

From the time we receive a completed nomination form, we will try to have the story live on our platforms within 12 weeks.

Any tips for how I can find an employee to be featured in a story?

There are a few ways you can go about selecting the perfect ambassador:

  • Speak with your recruitment or talent acquisition teams to see if there are any particularly difficult roles to fill, we can write a story to help make these roles more attractive to jobseekers.
  • Are there any known blockers preventing more diverse candidates from applying to your organization, we could talk to someone who can bust these myths or shed more accurate light on the culture. 
  • Find employees that are already skilled in promoting you on social media, at career fairs, or as internal brand ambassadors.
  • Ask business leaders to nominate employees from their departments, who either have interesting experiences to share or have been recently rewarded or recognized for their work.
  • Select employees during the onboarding process. Having just made the decision to join your company themselves, these employees have fresh insights into the barriers and attractors that will resonate with similarly qualified candidates.
  • Alternatively, give employees the opportunity to nominate themselves by putting the call out on internal communication platforms.
How will I know when our story is live?

Once the story is published, you will be provided with the links.
Please feel free to share these across your own channels.