Employee Story Nomination

Let your team’s stories inspire more women to choose a workplace where they can thrive.

The purpose of an Employee Story is to discuss the challenges faced and achievements attained by women and other underrepresented groups and share the support they have received from you as an Endorsed Employer.

These stories help people see what is possible.

Please use the form below to nominate an employee to feature in your story. We’ll them reach out to the employee with a short questionnaire. Once we have all the information we need, we’ll write the story and send it back to you for approval. Once approved, we’ll publish your story on our website and/or social media channels, sharing it with thousands of women.

Image of women that have been a part of our employee story campaigns

How it works



Once you complete the form below, we’ll send a tailored online questionnaire to your nominated employee to complete.

Estimated return time: 2 weeks



Once the employee completes their questionnaire, our writers begin their magic and draft the story.

Estimated return time: 3 weeks



We send the draft story to you and the nominated employee for feedback and approval. We will process up to two rounds of edits.

Estimated return time: 3 weeks



The approved story is added to our website (long-form format only), and then scheduled to be posted on our social media platforms.

Estimated return time: 2 weeks



Once the story is published, we’ll share the links with you so you can share the content on your own social platforms.

Please complete the form below or scroll to the bottom of the page to view some of our
frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

How should I communicate this opportunity within my organization?

We recommned giving employees the opportunity to nominate themselves by putting the call out on internal communication platforms. Here’s an example message:

Dear [company] Employees,

We want you to be part of an exciting initiative to help attract the best talent to join [company]!

Enhancing our DEI strategy, we have partnered with WORK180, a great organisation dedicated to helping women around the world confidently apply to workplaces with a proven commitment to diversity, inclusion, and gender equity – like us!

As part of this partnership, WORK180 would like to publish several employee stories to help increase the visibility
of our DEI efforts and empower more talented women to apply for our roles.

Maybe you have an interesting story to tell? Or some sage advice to share? Or maybe you can think of someone else who does?

We want to hear from you.

To be part of this exclusive project, please get back to us confirming your interest and explaining in one paragraph how you think your story will inspire others, by [date].

We look forward to hearing from you!

Any tips for how I can find an employee to be featured in a story?

There’s a few ways you can go about selecting the perfect ambassador:

  • Speak with your teams and employees to find the perfect nominee for your selected story style.
  • Find employees that are already skilled in promoting you on social media, at career fairs, or as internal brand ambassadors.
  • Ask business leaders to nominate employees from their departments, who either have interesting experiences to share, or are in typically hard to fill roles.
  • Select employees during the onboarding process. Having just made the decision to join your company themselves, these employees have fresh insights into the barriers and attractors that will resonate with similarly qualified candidates.
  • Alternatively, give employees the opportunity to nominate themselves by putting the call out on internal communication platforms.
What is the difference between the social media carousel and long-form article options for employer stories?

When completing the employer story submission form (above), you’ll be asked to select whether you want your employer story format to be a set up as a social media carousel or as a long-form article.

A social media carousel consists of a number of slides that social media users can scroll through to read short snippets of information about that employee. This is a much shorter, visual option that typically receives great engagement rates on various social media platforms. This option is great for short, punchy stories with clear and concise messages. View example here.

A long form article is more of a blog type of format that will sit on the WORK180 website. We will post a short excerpt and image from the article onto our social media channels with a link to the full article. This option is better for employer stories that have a lot of information to convey, where there’s an opportunity to delve deep into topic. These types of stories typically enjoy high average time on page statistics. View example here.

Why do I need to complete a nomination form?

We rely on our Endorsed Employers to provide relevant details that help us build strategic and purposeful content.

Employee stories have the opportunity to do more than just spotlight the presence of women and underrepresented groups within your organization They can be powerful persuasion tools to increase the desirability of your organization as a potential workplace. We need your help to focus our efforts in the best possible ways for your individual company goals. 

Will the story follow our corporate tone of voice?

WORK180 will be narrating the content we write about your organization. To this end, we will be using our own brand guidelines and tone of voice, and not attempting to replicate each Endorsed Employers individual corporate brand voice. 

We’ve been writing for our audience for a while now, and know how to hit that empathetic and conversational tone just right to keep our readers engaged and inspired. This third-party perspective of your organization provides additional influence, credibility, and authenticity to your Endorsed Employer brand. 

Will I get to review the story before it's published?

Yes. We will of course appreciate your participation and feedback in the fact-checking process. However, in terms of the style and tone of voice, as the narrators of the content we must be consistent with the trusted brand tone our audience has come to expect. So, please be aware some suggestions or edits that conflict with this tone may not be applicable.

How long before the story will be published?

From the time we receive a completed nomination form, we will try to have the story live on our platforms within 12 weeks.

How will I know when our story is live?

Once the story is published, you will be provided with the links.
Please feel free to share these across your own channels.