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How Atlassian supports gender diversity: 

  • We follow industry best practices in regards to pay equity, including yearly audits to ensure we continue to maintain pay parity on the basis of gender. In addition, all full-time employees are eligible for our equity programs, with our top performers eligible for additional equity-based compensation.
  • We have strong support for parents, including 26 weeks of parental leave for primary caregivers and breastfeeding facilities in each of our offices. We also allow Atlassian's flexible onboarding as they return from leave, including partial schedules if desired.
  • Flexible working arrangements, including flex time and remote work, are key. In addition to our generous parental leave benefits, all employees are eligible to work remotely or to reduce hours when necessary to accommodate their personal and family priorities over the course of their careers with Atlassian.
  • We work with external partners Inkling Women and Everwise to run an Emerging Women Leaders' program, with the aim of preparing our future leaders for the roles we would love for them to take on. 
  • Our investment in stronger internal communities and greater professional development opportunities has helped us achieve gender parity in our retention rates.
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Our Values:

Using Atlassian’s software, our customers and teams have helped put the Mars Curiosity Rover into space, develop the cochlear implant, and built thousands of products launched to millions of customers around the world.


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