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How does Chandler Macleod create a diverse and equitable workplace?
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Flexible working

Flexible working

Find out how you can work flexibly at Chandler Macleod.
Career development

Career development

Learn how Chandler Macleod will invest in your personal growth.
Policies and support

Policies and support

Check out how Chandler Macleod fosters a positive working culture.
Paid parental leave

Paid parental leave

See your leave entitlements as a parent and/or carer at Chandler Macleod.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Chandler Macleod

As a WORK180 Endorsed Employer, Chandler Macleod is committed to ensuring all their employees can thrive. Check out the strategies they have in place for driving equity in the workplace.
Formalized policy related to flexible working arrangements in place
Flexible work options offered:
Flexibility typeAvailability
Flexible start and finish timesAll employees
Job sharing arrangementsAll employees
Part-time contractsAll employees
Time-off in lieu of overtimeRole / team dependent
Work from anywhere (remote working) optionsAll employees
Work from anywhere (remote working) permanentlyAll employees
Open to candidates discussing flexible working arrangements during an interview

About Chandler Macleod

Assessing, supplying and managing talent for businesses since 1959.

Chandler Macleod is one of the region’s largest recruitment agencies, so we know quite a bit about what it takes to recruit, select, and retain the best people. This is who we are.

We’re in the business of understanding how people tick.

We’ve been digging deep into people’s needs and motivations since 1959.

To uncover the ‘BestFit™’ for employers and job hunters alike.

Looking beyond the CV’s and JD’s.

Matching candidates to jobs that bring out their best.

Discovering people that can make businesses boom.

We’re a team of flexible thinkers and detail ...

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