At FSC, we are a team of creative and caring individuals who have come together to form a unique community. We provide engineering and consulting services to the transport infrastructure market, both in Australia and internationally. As a group, we have four primary teams who help each other find and deliver projects (Environment & Sustainability, Project & Engineering Management, Engineering Design & Consulting, and Specialist Project Delivery). 

And we’re just getting warmed up!

Our Culture

We put our culture at the centre of our org structure. We call this our cultural core – made up of the following elements:

People First

We help each other build great lives through our work

FSC is people first. This means that our people come even before our clients. We know to be at our best we must be happy at work, which means we will do great work and have fulfilling careers.

Positive Impact

The impact we have matters to us

At FSC, doing good matters. It matters that the work we do benefits our society and the planet as a whole. An organisation with a positive impact is something that is a force for good in the world and something that we can all be proud to be a part of.

Being Creative

We move fast and love discovering new ways of doing things

At FSC, we create our own path. We are an entrepreneurial team, who are committed to always remaining curious and creating new ways of doing things as we grow.

Driven To Grow

We create opportunity for each other through our drive and passion

As a team, we are driven to find and capture the opportunities that are around us. We are glass half full people and this gives us the ability to all grow together to increase our positive impact. 

Our Commitment To You

Our difference

What’s different about working at FSC is difficult to describe. It comes from a combination of our fantastic people and understanding that being a great place to work is essential to our success.

While we have a great culture, we know we are a work in progress, and we are always trying to improve our business to be a truly great place to build a career. 

As part of the team, you will have meaningful input on shaping this improvement. Which is one thing that makes us different – your voice has an impact!

Our approach

We know that professional services = people. Building a diverse and inclusive culture is not just the right thing to do, it is a business driver. By becoming a great place to work, we are able to attract and retain industry leading talent to our organisation. 

For us, having an amazing culture isn’t a nice to have, our business depends on it. 

This has the impact of accelerating cultural growth at a pace that outstrips other companies – it’s not where we are today, it’s where we will be tomorrow that drives us. 

Don’t just take our word for it

It’s this approach that has allowed us to grow from three founders to a team of 80 in recent years, while building a company that has been independently recognised as one of the best places to work in Australia. 

What's it like to work at FSC!

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We pride ourselves on our ability to have fun and enjoy our time together, but we also place great importance on working hard so we can do the best possible work for our clients.


FSC works in the transport infrastructure sector, an industry that places very high demands on its people. A study by Swinburne University in 2018 revealed that professionals in the infrastructure construction industry are 37% more likely to experience workplace stress than the general population and 46% reported experiencing burnout. 

With the nationwide infrastructure boom well underway, the demands on those working within the industry have only increased and was exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic.

To combat this, we have implemented our “People First” Wellbeing Program, which takes a holistic preventative approach to health and wellbeing across the company. This was designed by our people and implemented in a consultative fashion across the business.

The “People First” program has many elements, including:

  • Incorporating wellbeing elements into the project Go/no-Go process
  • Fatigue management KPIs tracked and reported weekly
  • No meeting day (internal meetings) every Wednesday
  • Wellbeing wording incorporated into client proposal template
  • New resourcing reporting and recruitment triggers
  • Training - FSC Wellbeing course on LinkedIn Learning available to all our people
  • $1,000 per annum wellbeing reimbursement
  • Healthy meals provided for people working unavoidable long hours (e.g. when working shifts on construction work occupation)
  • EAP available to all our people and their households
  • Separate internal comms channel re wellbeing to help normalise conversations around wellbeing
  • Participation in relevant national events e.g. Men’s Health Week, RUOK day, Mental Health Month
  • Training – accredited mental health first aiders
  • Incorporation of wellbeing and stress management elements into our graduate program

Other Benefits

  • Parental Leave FSC provides paid Parental Leave for both primary and secondary carer on top of government entitlements
  • Travel insurance FSC travel insurance covers you and your family for both work and personal travel
  • Overtime for site work If you work extra, we pay you extra
  • Salary Sacrifice Program FSC allows you to use salary sacrifice to pay pre-tax dollars for certain tax-deductible items including super
  • Generous bonus program
  • Charitable giving We donate $100 for every project that the company wins to charity (you also get to hit a gong which is pretty cool)
  • Birthdays On your birthday, we buy you lunch and make a donation on your behalf
  • Carbon Neutral You will know you are working for a business which is carbon neutral and committed to the environment
  • BlueSky project funding FSC funds our people’s innovative ideas and brings them to life through a guided step by step program
  • Flexible Working FSC values work-life balance and offers flexible working arrangements
  • Professional memberships FSC will pay for one professional membership per year, this could be your Engineers Australia membership or another suitable professional organisation
  • Mentoring, Learning, Development You will be mentored by senior leaders within the business tailored to you, supplemented by LinkedIn Learning memberships

Work With Us

FSC is a diverse and inclusive workplace, with a focus on programs for gender equality, domestic and family violence support, women in leadership, and male champions of change.

We value work-life balance, and so we offer flexible working arrangements.

We're focused on doing great work, developing our people, having a positive impact, creating things, and having a lot of fun along the way.

We’d love you to join us!