Investible invests in the world’s most innovative startups

As Australia’s leading seed investment group, Investible fuses instinct with insight to back the next generation of game-changers. 

Over the last decade, we have developed the world’s most comprehensive seed investment methodology, leveraging up to 200 data points and the collective wisdom of experts and our global network of angel investors to discover high-potential startups before they hit the mainstream.

Investible was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs-turned-angel investors Creel Price and Trevor Folsom to develop and invest in early-stage companies. Since then, we have pioneered new ways to invest at seed stage by partnering with top angel investors to serve as startup scouts and co-invest alongside its Fund.  

With offices in Australia and Singapore and a growing presence across Southeast Asia, Investible’s mission is to elevate seed investment on a global scale and enable promising founders realise their true potential.

"What I love about Investible’s approach and early-stage capital, in general, is that it’s all about supporting the founder on their journey from startup through to scaling and eventually, exit. I find it very satisfying to be able to support founders in achieving their vision, and I believe early-stage capital serves as a critical catalyst for turning their vision into a reality."
Reena Sharma
VP of Investor Relations
Reena Sharma, VP of Investor Relations

Our team is the key to our success

To ensure we can deliver on our mission, we grew our team significantly in 2019 and 2020, welcoming new faces to our Investment, Programs and Operations teams, at all levels of the business across both Australia and Singapore. 

"Our team culture is a critical component of our success. You can achieve so much more when your team is aligned on the vision and brings their own unique perspective and skills to the table."
Creel Price
CEO and Cofounder
Creel Price, CEO and Cofounder

In 2021, our mission continues with a strong commitment to building the region’s best network of active angel investors and supporting its best founders in achieving their goals.

Join us to play a role in growing the world’s best early-stage founders and investors.