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How does Mott MacDonald create a diverse and equitable workplace?
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Flexible working

Flexible working

Find out how you can work flexibly at Mott MacDonald.
Career development

Career development

Learn how Mott MacDonald will invest in your personal growth.
Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture

Inclusive & anti-discriminatory culture

Check out how Mott MacDonald fosters a positive working culture.
Shared caring responsibility

Shared caring responsibility

See your leave entitlements as a parent and/or carer at Mott MacDonald.
Equity board

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Mott MacDonald

As a WORK180 Endorsed Employer, Mott MacDonald is committed to ensuring all their employees can thrive. Check out the strategies they have in place across our 10 key standards for driving equity in the workplace.

Flexible working arrangements

This standard focuses on the way organizations step outside traditional '9 - 5' structures to ensure every employee can deliver their best, regardless of their personal circumstances.

Strategies in place at Mott MacDonald
StrategyFormalized policy related to flexible working arrangements in place
StrategyFlexible work options offered:
Flexibility typeAvailability
Compressed working weekIndividual needs considered
Flexible start and finish timesAll employees
Job sharing arrangementsRole / team dependent
Part-time contractsAll employees
Time-off in lieu of overtimeRole / team dependent
Work from anywhere (remote working) optionsRole / team dependent
Work from anywhere (remote working) permanentlyRole / team dependent
StrategyUnlimited paid holiday, vacation or annual leave in the first 12-months
StrategyUnlimited fully paid personal sick leave in the first 12-months
StrategyOpen to candidates discussing flexible working arrangements during an interview
StrategyOperational set up:
Multiple office locations
StrategyFully paid community service leave in the first 12-months:
StrategyUnpaid leave options:
All employees
A message from Mott MacDonaldWe are committed to creating environments where people can be themselves and deliver their best work every day. We embrace the concept that every role can adopt degrees of agility with a balance on personal, project and business needs.
Equity board

About Mott MacDonald

Mott MacDonald is a global, employee-owned, engineering, management and development consultancy.

Our purpose is to improve society by considering social outcomes in everything we do. Around the world our diverse team of specialists are pushing boundaries to turn obstacles into sustainable solutions. At Mott MacDonald each person plays their part in helping us achieve our goals and in return we provide a stimulating and rewarding environment to help them achieve their own.

We put equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of our organisation, seeking to promote fair employment procedures and practices to ensure equal opportunities for all. We value the diversity of our staff and are committed to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone can bring their full selves to work.

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Saving the planet at Mott MacDonald
Employee stories
Saving the planet at Mott MacDonald
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Equity board

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Undoubtedly the best thing about my role is the people I get to work with at Mott MacDonald. I am constantly learning from a diverse and talented set of individuals who all bring something unique to a strong team environment where I feel supported and valued.
Cristy Joel
Cristy Joel
Technical Director for Advisory, Mott MacDonald

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