Multiplex Australia

Multiplex Australia

At Multiplex we are committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workforce.
We recognise that women are underrepresented in our industry and have implemented a number of initiatives to create a more inclusive workplace to attract and retain our talented female employees. Our Executive Team is committed to increasing our number of women, and supporting and promoting gender equality across the business.

So who are we?

Multiplex is a leading global construction company that has been bringing large-scale, complex structures to life for over half a century. As an international business with a diverse range of projects across our sectors, we can offer opportunities and experiences that few can match.

"My perspective has changed a lot since having a baby. Now flexibility is not just about work/life balance, but also doing the best for my child. Leaving work at a certain time is non-negotiable in my mind as I want to get home and spend time with my daughter before she goes to sleep. I think that’s a good thing for the site generally as it helps set the precedent that it is possible to prioritise your family life while still outperforming at work. Overall I’m really enjoying integrating being a parent and a Project Manager at Multiplex. It’s important to note that nothing is perfect – I’m not always nailing it and it is hard work! But it’s also very fulfilling."
Michaela Jones
Project Manager
Michaela Jones, Project Manager

Pioneered flexible working in construction.

We recognise the importance of flexible working for our industry, and our team-based flexibility programme has been recognised as industry-leading. In 2019 we received the National Association for Women in Construction (NAWIC) Innovation Award for our team-based flexibility programme For Multiplex, flexible working means empowering our employees to develop solutions regarding when, where and how they work, to best meet individual, team and business needs.

A Career, not a Project

We continuously provide our people with the opportunities they need to learn and grow in their careers. As a business we never stop learning, and when you work for Multiplex neither will you. Whether you’re looking for a career in project management, site management, commercial, services, design, operations, a corporate function or executive role, we will provide you with the platform you need to define a successful career and give you the opportunities to learn professional and personal skills, and tailor your experiences to make your chosen career journey successful and rewarding.

Driving Gender Equality in Construction

  • We have a clear strategy in place to progress gender equality, supported by our policies.
  • We build inclusion into all our people practices.
  • We take action to support women’s careers at Multiplex all the way through our employee lifecycle
  • All of our work is based on internal and external research which helps us to target our attention and efforts in the right areas and make sustainable change.
  • We work at an industry level by participating in initiatives that promote the attraction and retention of women into the construction and engineering industry.

We are committed to driving sustainable change in our industry.

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