At Programmed we strive to be a leading provider of staffing and maintenance services across Australia and New Zealand.

We value diversity, inclusion and equality, and this colours everything that we do at Programmed. We’re creating a safe and inclusive environment, and we don’t tolerate any form of discrimination. 

Our team is representative of the communities in which we live and work, and we recognise the value of attracting, engaging and retaining employees with different backgrounds, experience and perspectives.

We’re passionate about building a diverse workplace, supporting people of all ages, genders, nationalities and abilities. We believe that inclusion is key to building strong communities and a better business.

In 2017 we won the AHRI CEO Diversity Champion award, and the Stan Grant Indigenous Employment award, for our hard work in building a diverse workforce. We were also nominated for the Dame Quentin Bryce AD CVO Gender Equity Award.

Supporting women in STEM

We believe that many factors lead to income inequality between men and women, but that a key to changing this is addressing the lack of women in STEM careers.

We think it’s important to tackle the issue at its root, by encouraging young girls and boys to study maths and science subjects at school, and by teaching them that all jobs are gender neutral.

Gender Balance

We’re also working hard on achieving gender balance in our workplace, and getting women into leadership and trades roles. Our team is currently 51% women, not including trades, and 31% women overall across the business.

We’re big believers in supporting women striving for leadership roles, because the skills it takes to lead aren’t gender specific, and we want all our people to know that we support their growth and development.

We’re not keen on stereotypes, so we work to get women into roles traditionally seen as being masculine, because gender doesn’t determine ability.

We also work closely with our customers on their diversity, inclusion and equality goals.


We have a fantastic team at Programmed, but we understand that they have a life outside of work, which is why we’re happy to be flexible.

We know that flexibility won’t be suited to every role, but we’re happy to accommodate it when it is. We can help with flexible start and finish times, working from off-site, or part time hours to give our people more time at home.


Programmed are offering up to two weeks’ paid Isolation support leave to casual employees who are required or directed to self-isolate (subject to eligibility criteria). Please feel welcome to check out the information on the dedicated employee support page on their website here

Our Parental Leave Policy offers primary carers 12 weeks paid leave following the birth or placement of a child. We also offer leave to support carers.

We encourage everyone in our team to take parental leave, regardless of their gender, because being a parent and primary carer isn’t unique to mums.

We offer 10 days of paid domestic violence leave a year, and support from key people inside the business for anyone who needs it.

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