Queensland Magnesia (QMAG)

Queensland Magnesia (QMAG)

About QMAG

QMAG owns one of the world’s largest deposits of cryptocrystalline magnesite. Our corporate purpose is to create solutions to make a sustainable difference. We supply magnesia products to a variety of global markets including the refractory, chemical, agricultural, environmental and hydrometallurgical sectors.

Underpinning our core purpose are our values of Family Spirit, Sustainable Thinking and Acting, Being a Technology Leader and Excellence in Management and Leadership. QMAG is actively working on strategies to ensure the integrity of these values.

QMAG is part of a global group called Refratechnik. Refratechnik is a German based company with 27 locations throughout Europe, Asia, North America, South America, Canada and Australia. As part of this global business, QMAG employees enjoy the benefits of sharing knowledge and experience with our global counterparts.

QMAG is devoted to protecting its people. We have approximately 200 employees and contractors in Australia, working in both mining and processing operations. The global pandemic has brought a new approach towards workplace wellness. To further protect our employees, partners, customers and community we have embraced more flexible working arrangements and the importance of mental health. QMAG has an Employee Assistance Program that is offered to all employees and their immediate family.

Carli joined QMAG as a process engineer 10 years ago and since then she hasn’t looked back. Carli is currently the Maintenance & Engineering Manager for QMAG’s operations across the mine site at Kunwarara and the process plant at Parkhurst. Carli’s first role was as a Coordinator in the Electrofusion and Crushing & Bagging plant. From there Carli progressed to the Production Coordinator role for the Parkhurst site operations before accepting a secondment to an Operations Optimisation campaign. Following this opportunity, Carli was appointed as Operational Support Coordinator for QMAG, then progressed to Operational Support Manager which led her into her current role. Carli manages a team of 52 people, including engineers, control system technicians, project managers and tradespeople.

We have talented people at QMAG who work together to achieve innovative and more agile ways of continuously improving our operations. We look for people with unique experiences and perspectives to join our team and add to our existing rich breadth of knowledge. QMAG team members not only work alongside experienced and passionate people, but due to the size of our organisation can have a direct impact on our business. QMAG encourages and supports approved study schemes undertaken by employees that are relevant to their current roles, or agreed future development needs, and that will clearly benefit the individual and the company.

At QMAG we strive to create an inclusive environment where employees are encouraged to present new ideas and embrace change. We have created and sustain a culture of respect, support and equal opportunity. We celebrate International Women’s Day and other days and weeks of cultural significance for our culturally diverse workforce. QMAG also acknowledge Domestic and Family Violence and is a Business Champion for Domestic and Family Violence Prevention. So far this year we have hosted a forum with Queensland Police, Uniting Care and Legal Aid Queensland who presented our employees with important facts about domestic and family violence and offered helpful tips on how they can stand up, speak out and act to prevent violence. We have more events planned for the second half of this year. This is just one example of how QMAG’s corporate values extend beyond our day-to-day operations.

"I joined QMAG in late 2013 when I started as an operator in electrofusion. I was the first female operator to work in this area in 29 years! Working in Electrofusion has been an amazing experience, I began as casual labor which then turned into a full-time role when an opening became available. I then progressed to become a team leader with a crew of 10 people as a result of this. I am now a production coordinator looking after plant production and the shift teams. Working at QMAG offers me a work/life balance where I am at home every night with my family."
Leticia Shields
Production Coordinator
Leticia Shields, Production Coordinator