About us

We are a major provider of electricity and energy solutions to Queensland, the National Electricity Market and large energy users throughout Australia.

We’re creating a new, lower carbon generation portfolio that’s complemented by energy storage, we’re driving the development of a renewable hydrogen export industry in Central Queensland and we’re keeping the lights on as the State’s energy industry transforms.

While our energy future is not defined by our coal-fired generation, our transformation will be supported by it.

We own and operate two of the most efficient coal-fired power stations in Australia - the Tarong power stations near Kingaroy, and Stanwell Power Station west of Rockhampton. We can ramp generation from our coal-fired power stations up and down as needed, to let solar generation shine in the middle of the day, and still provide the electricity people need in the mornings and evenings. We also own Meandu Mine, adjacent to our Tarong power stations, to provide low-cost fuel for the station.

We’re putting our energy into finding better, cleaner ways to reliably generate, store and move electricity for our customers. Through our pipeline of proposed renewable energy projects throughout central and southern Queensland we’ll reduce our emissions intensity and create future opportunities for our people and communities. We’re also leading Australia’s renewable hydrogen industry, with plans progressing to develop the country’s largest green hydrogen export hub in Gladstone, Central Queensland.

We care. We adapt. We deliver. These values are the driving force behind everything we do. As we continue to serve our communities and deliver the power Queensland needs, we‘ll contribute to the achievement of Queensland’s emission reduction targets and we’ll achieve long-term reductions in our emissions intensity.

At Stanwell, we provide the spark for a bright future. That future starts now.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is an important part of shaping Stanwell’s culture and how our workplace operates. We recognise and value that it’s essential to create a safe, inclusive, and productive workplace. 

We are proactive about giving our people opportunities to excel and truly be themselves. We enable this through diverse, fair and flexible work practices. We encourage all our people to be active champions of equality and inclusion and we have a cross representative working group leading our initiatives.

Together we have made some progress; however, we recognise that there is still some way to go and we’ve put in place aspirational targets to 2022 to guide our decisions and actions.

Life at Stanwell

Development opportunities

We take pride in fostering our employees’ growth and development so they can reach their full potential, and exceed their individual goals. Career aspirations are different for each person; whether it is steps to your dream job or new learnings, we'll work with you to build your career and reach your goals.

At Stanwell, you’ll build your skills through an integrated approach to development including opportunities to learn on the job, secondments, coaching and mentoring and external training and industry conferences.

Our culture

At Stanwell we value an inclusive and diverse workplace, where we attract, employ and develop a wide group of people who share our values – We care, We adapt and We deliver - and who want to make a difference.

A safe workplace

Our greatest priority is our people’s safety and health and wellbeing. We strive for Zero Harm Today - where we are all responsible for the safety of ourselves and others at all times. We do this through strong personal safety commitments and behaviours, supported by safe systems, plant and equipment.

What we offer:

  • Flexible work: We have a flexible work policy, some of the options include telecommuting, job sharing, flexible work hours, purchase additional annual leave.  It’s important to note that while flexible work isn’t suitable for everyone or every role, where possible we work with our people to accommodate work/life balance.
  • Health and wellbeing: Good health and wellbeing is vital to our people performing at their best. We promote a range of programs to support good physical and emotional wellbeing, Flu vaccines, health examinations, fatigue management, drug and alcohol awareness and healthy lifestyle initiatives.
  • Salary packaging: A range of flexible arrangements are in place which offers our people the choice of how much remuneration is taken in cash and how much is packaged towards other benefits such as novated lease cars, travel and superannuation.
  • Confidential counselling service: We offer a comprehensive free service through our Employee Assistance Programme to support our team members and their immediate family.
  • Development opportunities: Available to our people is a range of leadership development, coaching and mentoring programs and resources.