Delivering extraordinary impact together

At Thoughtworks, our purpose is ‘to create an extraordinary impact on the world through our culture and technology excellence.’  Founded over 27 years ago, we’ve grown from a small team in Chicago to a leading global software consultancy of 9,000+ Thoughtworkers across 48 offices in 17 countries.

With our roots in custom systems and agile software delivery, we’re at the forefront of defining the tech principles used by some of the world’s most successful organisations. We have invested in organic growth, building on the strategy, design, data and engineering capabilities required to bring a truly integrated approach to solving our client's toughest challenges. Our collaborative, cross-functional teams deliver real results, fast.

Meet a Thoughtworker: Zhamak Dehghani

From Sydney to San Francisco

As a young girl, she received her first computer and discovered a portal to a new world. See how far it took Zhamak Dehghani and where she is today.

Every day, the decisions we make and the behaviours we demonstrate are driven by our purpose and these five aims:

  • Be an awesome partner for clients and their ambitious missions
  • Revolutionise the technology industry
  • Amplify positive social change and advocate for an equitable tech future
  • Foster a vibrant community of diverse and passionate technologists
  • Achieve enduring commercial success and sustained growth

Life at Thoughtworks

As a Thoughtworker, you are free to seek out the most ambitious challenges. Free to change career paths. Free to use technology as a tool for social change. Free to be yourself.

Ways of working

Whilst we have many different ways of working including where and how, we always do what is best for our clients and team. We strive to be awesome partners to our clients, and our consultants are based at client sites so that we’re working closely together, learning about their culture, and how they operate. There are also times where consultants can work from home to accommodate changing needs and circumstances.

Be a lifelong learner

A culture of learning is core to Thoughtworks. Every moment we are on client-side, or working with other Thoughtworkers, or are part of community meet-ups, we are learning. The passion we have for continuously improving ourselves and others is what motivates us as individuals, and differentiates us as an organisation.
To support your continued learning, you’ll be paired with a dedicated mentor. You'll also receive 2 days training leave and up to $2500 annually to attend training or conferences as well as $500 per year to spend on books, publications and
technology to help you keep up to date with the latest tech trends and industry knowledge. On top of that, we have a myriad of programs to support your learning and growth:

  • Training workshops and programs that support your development in core capabilities including: consulting skills, engineering, delivery and security as well as specialist areas like Machine Learning, Data, Cloud technologies and more.
  • Thoughtworks has a global community of thought leaders and we offer additional support for Thoughtworkers who want to share their knowledge including open source software, conference speaking support and training, publishing articles and blogs, writing books and more.
  • Our culture of collective learning has connected us with many communities and learning groups including Women Who Code, She Loves Data, YOW! Australia and DevOp Girls. We also host learning groups for roles beyond software development including business analysts, experience designers, QAs and project managers.
  • Thoughtworks University is an immersive five-week entry-level program designed to prepare you for life as a Thoughtworker and jumpstart your career in tech.


Lead a healthy lifestyle

When you’re juggling lots of things like work, family, and life, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself. But your needs are important too, so we want to make sure you take time out for self-care. With your health and wellbeing in mind, we offer a wellness benefit of $45 per month to use towards activities that support your wellbeing such as gym memberships, nutrition sessions or even painting classes. We also offer discounts for private healthcare. We understand that life is a series of peaks and valleys.

Supporting Inclusivity & Diversity

Diversity in thought is what makes us better technologists, and we’re loud and proud of our commitment to building a diverse and inclusive community. ThoughtWorks Australia is WGEA’s Employer of Choice for Gender Equality for the 8th time. In 2019, we also introduced our ‘Transition in the Workplace’ initiative to provide trans and gender diverse employees access to up to 20 days paid transition leave alongside additional support, resources and privacy.


Communications allowance

Set up your home office for remote working with the right tools to help you keep productive and connected while you’re working. ThoughtWorkers receive up to $165 per month which covers both internet, mobile and/or tablet data plans. How you split it is completely up to you. 

Also as a one-off benefit, you can:

  • upgrade your home internet: home installation costs to the value of $200. 
  • purchase a new laptop bag: up to the value of $150
  • get new laptop accessories: up to the value of $200 (each time you receive a new laptop)

Ready to take on a new role? 

We’re looking for change-makers. Opportunity creators. Status-quo shakers. ThoughtWorkers. Visit our​ ​Careers page​. We’d love to hear from you!