Our culture and values

Different perspectives. Same values

Great teams share the same mission and values, not the same ideas, perspectives, or opinions. We look for teammates that are as serious, excited, and passionate about changing the working world as we are — but we’re not looking for people to ‘fit in’. What we really want is more changemakers ready to bring something new to the table.

Meet some of
the team

“Joining WORK180 while pregnant, I felt supported from day one. Including a “no wait” period to access parental leave, the flexibility allowed me to work through a tough pregnancy and return to work part time as I learned to balance this new stage of life.”

Jacquie Connaughton DEI Account Manager at WORK180

Image of Sheree Atcheson

The WORK180 values

Sure, we don’t necessarily share the same office, opinions, or time zones. But what we do share are five fundamental values that keep us all together and on track towards our mission.

Our mission:

To raise organizational standards so that all women can choose workplaces where they will thrive.

Lead with empathy

We rebel against the concept that you can’t be both kind and ambitious. We actively empathize, lead with kindness, and assume good intent so everyone can bring their full selves to work. We play as a team, help everyone level up, and celebrate wins as one.

Raise the bar

Putting our customers first isn’t just good for business, it’s good for the world. We enable our employers to do better and empower women to expect better, so we can create a world in which every one can thrive. Our focus is on progress, not perfection.

Do it with grit

We’re the rare few that dare to dream then wake up and do. We work with energy, agility, and passion to get things done. The priority is always moving the dial — we have a big purpose, which requires determination, dedication, and drive.

Be your own boss

We know what we need to perform at our peak. That’s why we’re empowered to be our own boss, with complete control over our working day. It works because we’re utterly reliable, keep ourselves accountable, and respect our work and play in equal parts. We manage our energy and own our impact.

Trust in transparency 

Let’s be honest, polite conversations and hidden policies are holding us all back. We’re open by default, breaking down barriers and having difficult conversations. It’s not easy, but great change rarely is.

Do our mission and values have you screaming ‘same here’?

WORK180 team shot from a live zoom call

Perks and policies that compliment our culture

Nine-day fortnight at full pay

Surely working less hours can’t help you do more? Trust us, it can. That’s why we get an extra paid day off, every other week.

Flexible working practices

Workplace standards aren’t all we’re raising. From sporting trophies to kids, pets and plants, we use our flexible hours to get the most out of life.

Fully remote team

Working wherever in the world we want, you may wonder how we all stay so connected. The answer is regular meetings, catch-ups, and company conferences.

Growth planning 

We’re a fast growing company. Our formalized growth plans ensure each of us receives the support we need to grow too.

Employee share scheme

We have more than just a moral stake in our mission. Our team members are all offered share options in WORK180.

Parental leave

Regardless of gender, role, or length of service, our employees receive eight weeks paid parental leave and a bulk sum contribution to pensions/superannuation.