Provides world-class education, tools and resources from leading global wellbeing experts

About Blisspot

Blisspot is an online wellness community that empowers people to live better and make a difference. By curating the best global experts and resources for personalized health and wellness, they are democratizing wellbeing to reach and benefit as many people as possible.

They focus on empowering women to thrive in all areas of their life, including their career, health and relationships, by providing education and support.

At Blisspot, you will discover:

  • Loads of free resources such as a gratitude journal, a vision board and wellbeing progress tracking
  • Quality yet affordable online courses, podcasts and meditations
  • One-on-one support with coaches, counsellors and psychologists

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Your personal playground
Access wellbeing tools –  set goals, express gratitude, create an inspiring vision, list your dreams, get your questions answered and track your progress.

Wellbeing Care Package
Inspirational insights, transformational tools, and worldly wisdom from leading experts with these one-hour free retreats that will take you on a step-by-step guided journey of self-mastery in mindfulness, wellness, health, and happiness.

Start your wellbeing journey and access 120+ courses, podcasts and meditations from 80+ global experts. Sign up and use promo code BLISS50 to get 50% discount on membership.

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Don’t just take our word for it…

A few attendee feedback received from past masterclasses and workshops we’ve collaborated on and delivered to the WORK180 community.

The practical advice – I was surprised that it took more of a spiritual route, but I liked it!

Diana – Attendee from Women’s Virtual Careers Fair, July 2021
Blisspot Masterclass: Master your mind and emotion for career success with Deborah Fairfull

Anne shared a lot of valuable information and resonated with me a lot.

Rochelle Laracy – Attendee from 180 Career Conference, November 2021
Blisspot Masterclass – How to reignite your spark with Anne McKeown

“Tony! His delivery was easy to listen to and content was inspiring.”

Sharon Bolter – Attendee from 180 Career Conference, November 2021
Blisspot Masterclass – How to boost your motivation and overcome challenges with Tony Fahkry

“A lot real world examples and ah-ha moments! Thank you, WORK180, for hosting such a wonderful event for women!

Stacey Buyck – Attendee from Women’s Virtual Careers Fair, July 2021
Blisspot Masterclass – Confidence: The essential ingredient for career success with Jodie Bruce-Clarke