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Twenty Ten Agency provides underrepresented employees with pivotal professional development strategies to support and enable career progression.

About Twenty Ten Agency

Twenty Ten Agency is a Black female owned career coaching company. Our diverse team of career coaches deliver workshops, programs and coaching services to corporations across the United States.

Our mission is to help companies advance the leadership development of underrepresented employees.

The founder of Twenty Ten Agency, Octavia Goredema is dedicated to accelerating the careers of underrepresented professionals. She has coached leaders at renowned companies including Google, American Airlines, Tinder, General Motors, Nike and Dow Jones.


From small interactive groups to workshops for thousands of employees.

Career Coaching
One-to-one and group career advancement coaching services for mid to senior level employees.

Employee Events
Keynote speaking engagements for employee events, conferences and retreats.

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Mentoring • Coaching • Work/Life balance

Workshops • Career Coaching • Employee Events

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“Twenty Ten Agency was an incredible partner to us when we were looking for a variety of different types of coaches.  Based on the level and specific areas of growth, Octavia was able to curate the right coaches for our team members meeting everyone’s needs. 

We can clearly see how much growth our executives experienced working with the Twenty Ten Agency team.”

Karine Shahar, Chief Human Resources Officer
Blumhouse Productions