You don’t have to be in HR to help build an inclusive culture

December 7, 2022
inclusive culture

How would you answer this question: What do you do?

Would it sound something like this?

“I’m just a manager at…” “I’m just working in transport and logistics…” “I’m just in a role that…”

Just. Just. Just.

‘Just’ is a word that minimizes whatever follows. But when you think about your role, whatever it may be, it’s important to remember there is no ‘just’ for the level of influence or impact you can have. 

Moé Tüker knows this. And as we spoke to her about the amazing impacts she’s had in her role as a Regional Manager for Australia’s largest private rail freight company, Pacific National, she shared:

pacific national train

“My role is not just the Regional Manager of the Northwest. I see myself as the caretaker of the people up here that extends to their safety and well-being. Given the challenges of the last few years, it is even more relevant and important to our people.”

Beyond this, we were also told that Moé is a real advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion at Pacific National. So, we thought we’d share all the ways Moé is helping to build the amazing culture at Pacific National

What it takes to be Regional Manager

Moé is responsible for managing train crews in Northwest New South Wales.

“My responsibility also ranges from understanding our business objectives and providing guidance for my lead team to make sure they are aligned. I also need to take time to engage with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring that as a lead team we are aligned on delivering what matters and focussing on how we do that.”

“I am constantly amazed by the sheer breadth of our business. We are just one part of the big transport and logistics machine. But the vast scale and the geographical footprint as a business in this country that we have is always something I have to remember.”

For all the enormous logistical size and the many components that drive Pacific National, the company’s dedication to its people is what most impresses Moé. Ensuring the safety of those in her team is something she takes very seriously in her role. 

“I know our industry can be dangerous, and that is always in the back of my mind. As a manager, I have around 80 people that I am responsible for, and being a regional area, where the community is very tight-knit, my crew is constantly in my mind.

“The best day ever at work is every day we go home safely at the end of our shift.”

Pacific National is keen to discuss how to combine your career and your personal values. 

Find out where your interests align today.

A role model for diverse career paths

Starting in administration, Moé has had a very different career journey than would be expected but says it has helped her understand the business and, of course, its people.  

She credits the company’s supportive culture in giving her the room and the encouragement to progress. 

“In my first six months, I was asked to step into the position of Maintenance Coordinator. This was on the back of my manager of the time acknowledging the skills I brought with me to the business.

moe tucker

“Knowing there was someone in this business who trusted me to take on this role, even though I didn’t have a background in that area but recognized the skills I possessed was probably that aha moment I needed to know Pacific National was the right fit for me.”

It’s something of a perfect match as Moé always felt she was destined for a leadership role. Pacific National clearly identified her potential and have been successful in laying down a management pathway that has suited Moé.

Pacific National have been very supportive. They have always backed me, in my growth and development no matter what role I was undertaking, whether it was taking on the role of a Trainee Driver or stepping into the Supervisor role. 

“The support is always there.”

Finding more ways to influence the inclusive culture

With the well-being of her team always on her mind, Moé has found even more ways to ensure Pacific National’s culture remains supportive in all aspects. She is seen as a highly engaged and committed community figure, connecting the company and its regional networks both commercially and at the human level. She was also involved in putting together Pacific National’s culture statement. 

inclusive culture

“I am genuinely interested in people and that plays a big part of what I do. I am driven by helping others grow and develop.”

She was also nominated for, and a finalist in, the Australian Financial Review’s Women of Influence awards for her work in diversity and inclusion policy development at Pacific National and her community charity work in the Northwest.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been nominated along with the other amazing women of influence from across Australia. I remember at the time, saying to our Chief Operating Officer, who attended the awards with me, “I don’t like the attention for the charity work I do, this was only a small part of it all”. He said, “So, if you shared everything you do for your community, you might have won?” 

“What I took away that night, was understanding that there is a time and place for humility, and to absolutely celebrate my achievements, and acknowledge that we all do amazing things out there. Wherever your passion lies, whatever the reasons why you push for change, you never know how our actions affect the lives of others.”

How you can contribute to your culture – no matter your role

Being able to balance her work life and her life outside of the office, with family and spending time in nature, has allowed Moé to thrive in this traditionally male-oriented, big machine-focused business. 

pacific national fam

With Moé’s input, Pacific National has been able to develop a community culture that serves its business and its stakeholders, including of course, its many workers. 

The key, says Moé, is to keep it simple and follow your passion. 

“Your authentic self will get you where you ought to be. Be your true self. Don’t be afraid to share what your aspirations are. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Keep going until you find someone who says yes.”

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