Your gender pay gap toolkit

As of 27 February 2024, WGEA now publicly discloses the Gender Pay Gap for Australian companies with 100 employees or more. Use our free comprehensive gender pay gap resources to calculate and understand your pay gap, identify its causes, and initiate meaningful action.


Gender Pay Gap Review Checklist

What’s your company’s gender pay gap and how can it be resolved? Use our step-by-step checklist to answer these important questions and take meaningful action today.

Gender Pay Gap Pre-Action Plan Checklist

A clear understanding of your company’s gender pay gap is crucial for an effective action plan that demonstrates commitment. Our pre-action plan checklist provides this insight through 26 key questions and expert guidance, uncovering hidden causes.


Understanding and addressing your pay gap

With no time to waste, this data-packed report is here to help you and your team understand what the gender pay gap is, why your company should care, and what you can do about it.

2024 What Women Want Report

Find out what women want and need from employers to thrive in the workplace, with this comprehensive report.


Real-World guidance to tackle your company’s gender pay gap webinar

We partnered with Cisco, EY, and CSL to develop this knowledge-sharing webinar aimed at assisting your team in comprehending and tackling your company’s pay gap.

Understanding and addressing your gender pay gap webinar

Watch our 30-minute webinar to better understand the pay gap, its impact on your business, and learn the 10 key steps you can take to make a real impact.

Best Practice Articles

What is the gender pay gap (and does it even exist)?

Struggling with gender pay gap skeptics? Our guide is here to help you facilitate positive conversations that successfully challenge and dispel such disbeliefs.

3 steps to close the gender pay gap (tested by leading employers)

Discover how top employers like nbn, Philip Morris International, and Woolworths Group are tackling the gender gap through innovative strategies.

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