Employer branding

As a WORK180 Endorsed Employer, we can support and strengthen your employer branding efforts.

It’s an important way we ensure that employers genuinely committed to creating equitable workplaces are both seen, and seen better by the women in our community.

Read on to find out more about our:

  • Endorsement badge 
  • Employee stories 
  • Advocacy campaigns 
  • Spotlight events (sold out for 2023)

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“The endorsement really helps us build brand awareness among diverse talent pools, but it’s not just a sticker or a badge. To become an Endorsed Employer, you need to be serious about creating a work culture where all women can thrive.” 

Kate Llewellyn, Inclusion Manager at Lloyds Banking GroupWORK180 Endorsed Employer 

Signs your organization might need Employer Branding support

  • You don’t have a dedicated employer branding team
  • You do have a dedicated team but you’re seeking new channels to target your message
  • You struggle to create awareness of your organization with the people you are wanting to attract
  • Your organization feels held back by incorrect perceptions or stereotypes
  • Your own branding efforts aren’t being taken seriously or are perceived as inauthentic

Types of Employer Branding support WORK180 offers

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Our endorsement badge

A powerful third-party endorsement of your commitment to equity that you can showcase across job ads, careers pages, social platforms and email signatures.

Advocacy campaigns

Topical and informative articles, aimed at the women you’re trying to reach, that showcase key aspects of your organization’s approach to and success in driving equity.

Employee stories

Authentic, engaging stories from the individuals in your organization, crafted by our team of employer branding professionals to inspire and change perceptions.

Spotlight events

(sold out for 2023)

Targeted opportunities to directly engage with both passive and active jobseekers interested in your organization, to strengthen your overall talent pipeline.

How does it work?


Get in contact with our team using the form above so we can work with you to understand your goals, current challenges and best opportunities.


Complete our Endorsement Check to ensure you meet our minimum standards as an organization committed to creating equitable workplaces.



Agree a package that best meets your needs and work with our employer branding professionals to tell the right stories.


Key benefits of WORK180’s Employer Branding support

Image of the endorsed employers badge

Gain a third party endorsement from a trusted champion for women’s voices

Inspire passive jobseekers to see themselves working within your company

Drive action with active jobseeker and support your candidate comms

Raise awareness with new audiences, putting your brand into the consideration set

Change perceptions of individuals who don’t understand your brand or industry

Encourage ongoing engagement with your existing staff & networks

Differentiate from competitors by focussing on your unique strengths

Focus on approving great content written by employer branding professionals, rather than writing it yourself

Align your organization with the standards that matter to women and be seen as a thought leader

We partnered with WORK180 to show that we absolutely do care about diversity, we are trying to make a change, and we are openly addressing the issues of under-representation that we know that we have in some of our areas.” 

LV= GI, WORK180 Endorsed Employer

Frequently asked questions

Can I get employer branding support without becoming a WORK180 Endorsed Employer?

No. Unfortunately, this opportunity is reserved for employers who meet our minimum standards and gain our endorsement as part of their overall commitment to creating an equitable workplace. To help you maxmize your impact, your organization must be listed in the employer directory on our platform.

What type of information do you feature in your advocacy campaigns?

Our advocacy campaigns are always focussed on the 10 key standards that drive equity in the workplace. These are:

  1. Inclusive hiring practices
  2. Representative leadership
  3. Flexible working arrangements
  4. Pay equity
  5. Shared caring responsibility
  6. Strategic commitments
  7. Employee voice & ERGs
  8. Career development
  9. Inclusive and anti-discriminatory culture
  10. Employee support and safety services

Our advocacy campaigns feature a range of organizations, all of whom are actively working on initiatives related these standards. We work with our Endorsed Employers to identify unique angles or content opportunities.

Does my team have to write the final content?

No, we have a team of employer branding professionals who produce all content for employee stories and advocacy articles. They will work with you to understand your objectives, draw on data points you’re already showcasing on the WORK180 platform, and identify the most compelling angles and opportunities.

How is employer branding content promoted?

We promote the stories and campaigns we produce throughout the WORK180 platform, blog and community newsletters, across our social networks (Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as appropriate) and through our partnership networks. The WORK180 blog was selected by FeedSpot as one of the Top 40 Career Woman Blogs and Websites to Follow in 2022.

We also work with you to identify how you can maximise your reach of this valuable third-party hosted content via your team’s internal and external networks. It is just as important to engage your existing staff as it is to reach new candidates.