Because guesswork doesn’t drive diversity, equity, and inclusion

Use The Progress Hub — our all-in-one DEI assessment, action plan, and reporting tool — to focus, track, and amplify your efforts with measurable impact.

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How The Progress Hub works

Starting out or deep into your strategy? There’s never a wrong time to make sure you’re getting it right.

Know better 

The assessment 

Comprehensive yet simple to complete, The Progress Hub asks a series of questions about important drivers of DEI. The result is an annual report and key metrics allowing you to understand and benchmark your current performance. It will also indicate whether you’re eligible for our globally recognized endorsement.  

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Do better 

The action plan 

As well as your report, the data from your assessment will generate a tailored action plan for your organization. This includes custom recommendations, best practice guidance, supporting resources, and ongoing support from your dedicated DEI Account Manager.

Do better 

The action plan 

The data from your assessment will inform your company’s action plan. This includes custom recommendations and best practice guidance, with ongoing support from your dedicated DEI Account Manager.

Photograph of group of people looking over and talking about data

Be seen better 

The reporting tool 

Use the reporting tool in your team’s Progress Hub to track improvements and translate actions into hard metrics. It’s this tangible evidence that will keep your company focused, engage key stakeholders, and help prove your ongoing commitment to progress.

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Proudly supporting organizations dedicated to DEI 

Know you’re getting it right for your organization

DEI is not linear. Having your own Progress Hub will make it easy to see your workplace through an intersectional lens, revealing the tactical and long-term actions your team needs to take to make a real impact.

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Find opportunities for improvement, and identify the strengths you should be shouting about.

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Receive a tailored action plan that focuses your whole organization’s DEI efforts.

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Measure the right things, in the right way, to track and prove your progress.

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Use your data to benchmark against organizations, validate initiatives, gain buy-in, and demonstrate wins.

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Feel supported through every step, with expert guidance from your dedicated DEI Account Manager.

Some call it “eye-opening”

Here’s what other organizations have to say about The Progress Hub.

“The DEI assessment was a great opportunity for EDL to see the areas we’re doing really well in and also understand some opportunities for improvements. Having this clear report will be helpful to continue to build on our D,E&I strategy.”

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“… We have used it for strategic discussions and prioritising the next year’s focuses as well as to support budget requests and business cases. It has proved an invaluable resource for us.”

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“The DEI assessment provided us with a real and transparent review of some of our company’s weaknesses and strengths. There is a sense of pride from the results because it reflects the value and support that we as a team have placed behind our DEI efforts …”

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