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Data Scientist, Biologics Engineering, Oncology R&D

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Central to thisrolewill be the developmentof end-to-end data management and analysiscapabilities to delivernovelbiologicsdrugs driven by industry-leading biologics R&D data. Youwillbecome part of an interdisciplinaryBioinformatics team, working at the heartof research and developmentcreating an activelearning system, in whichmodelpredictions guide lab experiments, lab automation generateshigh-throughput data for modeltraining, and predictivemodelsareupdated as new data aregenerated.


Withoneof the broadest and deepestOncology pipelines in the industry, therearemanyopportunities to workwithnoveldrugs and helpdiscoverwhat'snext. We foster a mindsetofcourage, whereeveryone is empowered to step up, innovate and work at pace. Weleadthroughtruecollaboration, buildingcollectivewisdom by givingeveryone a chance to input. It's science with an impact-making a difference for patients and peoplearound the world.


The role is based in our new ground-breaking Discovery Centre (DISC) located on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus.  Thisnewlypurpose-builtbuildingbringstogether the company’s research and developmentactivity in a pioneeringstrategic R&D centre and global corporateheadquarters. The building has beendesignedwithopenarchitecturereflectingAstraZeneca’s approach to research. Openlaboratories and glass wallswillenable new waysofworkingacross teams, whilst a central courtyardwillput science on full display. Whenweputunexpected teams in the same room, weunleashboldthinkingwith the power to inspirelife-changingmedicines. In-person working gives us the platformweneed to connect, work at pace and challenge perceptions. That’swhywework, on average, a minimum ofthreedays per week from the office. Butthatdoesn'tmeanwe’re not flexible. Webalance the expectationofbeing in the officewhilerespectingindividualflexibility. Joinus in ourunique and ambitiousworld.


Join the Biologics Engineering team at AstraZeneca, where we are responsible for the discovery and optimisation of next-generation biological drug candidates across all key therapy areas. We are developing in-house biologics discovery platforms and novel drug modalities to address unmet medical needs. Be empowered to act fast on smart risks and keep ahead in the fast-paced Oncology field.

What you'll do

Youwillworkcloselywithour R&D scientists in fieldsof software engineering, lab automation, computationalmodelling and machinelearning, with access to biologics R&D data across AstraZeneca constantly generating new data to bothbuild and informpredictivemodels.Thisroleprovides the opportunity for a motivatedBioinformatician / Data Scientist to develop and manage the flowof data to create end-to-end data management capabilitiesthatwillhave a significantimpact on the deliveryof the novelbiologicsdrugsof the future.

  • Workwith scientists acrossBiologicsEngineering to develop end-to-end data management capabilities for biologicsdiscovery, creatingautomated pipelines for the flowof data.

  • Developapplications to configure and customizecommercialGenedataBiologics software for trackingbiologicsdiscovery data from antibody screening, protein engineering and protein production.

  • Extend the functionalityofGenedataBiologics by developingcustomcomputationaltoolsusingits Java Software Development Kit, for data ingestion from lab instruments and for data analysis.

  • Collaboratewith IT functionsresponsible for the deployment and maintenanceof the live GenedataBiologics system and its integration withexternaldatabases.

  • Collaboratewith web applicationdevelopers to integrate the GenedataBiologics system withcustomapplications for experiment design and data analysis.

  • Collaboratewithmachinelearningcolleagues to develop an activelearning system thatcontinuallytrainsmachinelearningmodels on data from biologics experiments and usesthese data to informsubsequent experiments.

  • Learnabout leading machinelearningmethods for biologics design and for activelearningapplied to biologics experiments.

Essential for the role

  • MSc degree or equivalentexperience in computer science, bioinformatics or in a relevant computationalfield

  • Experienceofworking in a scientificenvironment, generating insights from R&D data setspreferablyDrug Discovery.

  • Experiencewith SQL, includingconfiguring and queryingdatabasesprogrammatically.

  • Experiencedevelopinghigh-qualityobjectoriented software in Java or Python.

  • Experiencewith software development best practices.

  • ExperienceworkingwithGenedataBiologics or similarplatform for biological data management.

  • Experienceworkingwithin a team environment.

  • Can-do attitude. Actswithintegrity and does the right thing. Desire to learn and grow.

Desirable for the role

  • Ph.D. in relevant field

  • Experienceworking at interface ofdry / wet lab. Knowledgeof data formats for lab automation equipment.

  • Demonstratedagilemethodologyfamiliarity

  • Experiencedeveloping, debugging and data analysis pipelines and an understandingof the data requirements for downstreammachinelearning.

  • Exposure to graphdatabase systems and relatedquerylanguagese.g. SPARQL

Why AstraZeneca?

When we put unexpected teams in the same room, we unleash bold thinking with the power to inspire life-changing medicines.

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Close date: 10/05/2024

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