About EDL

As a leading global producer of sustainable distributed energy, we are dedicated to a world of new energy for our customers, stakeholders and communities. EDL understands, and is prepared for, the complexities associated with a decarbonising energy market.

EDL is playing a key role in the world’s transition from traditional energy sources to decarbonised solutions. Our purpose is to provide better energy solutions for the benefit of our world and our vision is to be the leading global producer of sustainable distributed energy.

At EDL we are building a culture based on our overarching commitment to the SPIRIT values. We believe that the strongest way to build that culture is to demonstrate it in action across the business. Across the globe, our employees show their commitment to the values.

"At EDL, we didn’t make the change overnight. But by doing it methodically, with the buy-in and ownership of our people, it is now ingrained in our culture. Diversity and inclusion is the right thing to do, and it is also the best thing to do for our business."
James Harman
James Harman, CEO

Life at EDL

Across our global operations, we are fostering a culture that actively invests in our employee's health and wellbeing; embraces difference; provides for flexibility and balance, and supports employees’ interests and involvement with their communities.

Diversity and inclusion

As a leading global employer with over thirty years in operation, we have identified that workforce diversity can make a significant contribution to EDL’s success by creating a richer and more creative environment enabling innovation, diverse thought, productivity, and better decisions.

We therefore commit to providing equal opportunities across all areas of the business.

Flexible work

Throughout our organisation, we are committed to identifying and facilitating Flexible Work arrangements. Recognising that our employees have different life circumstances, we promote a variety of flexible working arrangements so all employees have the opportunity to maintain work-life balance.

Parental leave policy

EDL has a parental leave policy to allow employees to take care of their families when they need to. EDL will support employees to keep in touch with the company while on extended parental leave.

Opportunities at EDL


EDL currently provides apprenticeship opportunities at our Australian operations. Our apprenticeship program consists of in-class learning and on-the-job training and we aim to have apprentices working at different stages across the business. Most apprenticeships are in the Electrical and Mechanical fields.

Graduate and internship programs

At EDL, we provide engineering graduates and undergraduate students from a range of disciplines the opportunity to be involved in real projects that add real value to the organisation. Our graduate and internship programs offer exciting, rewarding career pathways at the forefront of the transformation to a sustainable energy future.

From hybrid renewable microgrids to renewable natural gas production, EDL is a fantastic place to kick off your career.