Senior Back-End Engineer - Java / Kotlin

JP Morgan

Location: Greater London

Job Type: Full time


We are not your standard bank, we are an innovation hub. We are part of the team that launched Chase as a new UK bank in 2021, and are now starting on a new initiative with big ambitions. More details will be provided during the interview but for now we can enthusiastically say: It’s challenging, it’s high stakes, it’s fun!

Our team is at the heart of building this new venture. We have created a new organisation with diverse professionals that come from a wide set of skills, backgrounds and experiences, including top big tech companies, blockchain innovators and FinTech unicorns.

Team members have broad autonomy to collaborate and work in a cross-functional way and we value your opinion in every matter. Our inclusive culture is hugely important to us and we are looking for intellectually curious, compassionate people who would like to expand their skills whilst working on a new exciting venture for the firm. We are about bringing new products to market that solve real world problems for real life customers, not just innovation for the sake of innovation. We are human first; we love working with each other, and we need personal connections and in-person bonding. We find we are happier, more motivated and more productive this way. If this sounds like something that you would like to be a part of we'd encourage you to read on and apply.

What we do

  • Use domain modeling techniques to allow us to build best in class business products.
  • Structure software so that it is easy to understand, test and evolve.
  • Build solutions that avoid single points of failure, using scalable architectural patterns.
  • Develop secure code so that our customers and ourselves are protected from malicious actors.
  • Promptly investigate and fix issues and ensure they do not resurface in the future.
  • Make sure our releases happen with zero downtime for our end-users.
  • See that our data is written and read in a way that's optimized for our needs.
  • Keep an eye on performance, making sure we use the right approach to identify and solve problems.
  • Ensure our systems are reliable and easy to operate.
  • Keep us up to date by continuously updating our technologies and patterns.

The role

  • This is a hands-on role for an engineer who wants to be part of flat-structure organisation and influence the design & development of a greenfield initiative.
  • You will own and deliver end-to-end cutting-edge solutions in the form of cloud-native microservice architecture applications leveraging the latest technologies and the best industry practices.
  • You will design and implement technical solutions written in Java/Kotlin
  • You will write unit, component, integration, end-to-end & performance tests
  • You will contribute to microservice architecture design
  • You will support the products you've built through their entire life cycle, including production and incident management

What we expect

  • Very strong Java 8+ skills (11/17 preferred) and/or Kotlin
  • Experience building RESTful APIs and (micro)services with any of: Spring Boot, Micronaut, Quarkus
  • Experience building solutions on at least one Cloud platform (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • Experience working on globally distributed applications with strict consistency requirements (example platforms: Wise, PayPal) & knowledge of modern software architecture patterns
  • Strong relational database skills (knowledge of non-relational database concepts is a plus)
  • Knowledge of Kubernetes (or some other container orchestration platform) and Docker
  • Knowledge of Kafka/Pulsar

Technologies we use

  • We primarily use JVM based languages (Java/Kotlin) but we also have parts of the platform that use other languages as needed (Go, Python, etc.)
  • We look to use Open source/SaaS when it makes sense and build ourselves when it doesn't
  • We are entirely cloud native and want to build a truly multi-cloud solution
  • We look at each problem independently and pick the right technology to solve it
  • We aren’t afraid to try new things but we always remember that we are looking to build something to last, and we focus on solving real world problems for real life customers
You’ve got this!