Architect (Compute, Network and Storage Applied Architecture Team)

JP Morgan

Location: Glasgow City

Job Type: Full time


Do you enjoy solving problems? Do you like taking a practical, simple approach to designing or improving complex systems? Do you think a problem need not be always solved using technology and it's important to understand Product strategy, Enterprise Architecture Strategy and more importantly end Customer experience and behavior, to drive longer term outcomes? Beyond having an idea and a design on paper, do you like to be responsible for delivering the idea from inception to an actual customer capability? Could you take on the challenge to scale your idea to serve 50K enterprise developers building platforms and services that service over 6000 applications?

If this piques your interest, then come talk to us.

WHO we are: We are a global team of Applied Architects (New Jersey, Glasgow, London) who drive architecture and engineering efforts in Infrastructure Platforms(IP). IP is the centralized enterprise technology provider to all Lines of Businesses in JP Morgan Chase; think of multiple banks within a bank. Within IP our team is part of the Compute Platforms (CP) group. CP is responsible for the core technology platforms Infrastructure As a Service(IaaS) and associated Compute, Network and Storage Services for both public and private clouds. Our team is called CP Applied Architecture and we take the "applied" part seriously - we don't just draw diagrams and write documents, we are intimately involved with delivering the systems we touch. Our products serve over 6000 Business Applications (most of them mission critical) and supports over 10,000 technology components and 50,000 enterprise developers.

WHAT we do : Our team remit is wide and varied and what we work on is often dictated by our own identification of friction points, inefficient processes and better ways of enabling our CP portfolio products. We are not a team who see a problem and leave it to others to fix, we tackle problems head on. In general, our work falls under two main categories of responsibility:

  • Architecture Governance
    • This is the team's core function and comprises most of our "business as usual" work. Governance work takes on many forms but a large portion of our activities in this area are around reviewing architectural proposals for new or changing systems. We work closely with the product and service owners to ensure the proposals meet the functional & non-functional requirements, are aligned with architecture standards, use best practices and, at the end of it all, will delight our customers.
  • Architecture Consultancy
    • Alongside our governance work, we're often involved in both short and long running projects being run by teams in our parent organisation. In this kind of work, we wear multiple hats; we act as proxy customers taking a critical view of the product, we put on a product owner hat and create the product roadmap with new capabilities, we take on engineering work (yes- we are developers too) e.g. building a core library which will be reused across multiple products, we act as Information Architects where we review data models to ensure products are implementing APIs consistently, we partner with Risk and Cyber teams to review and enforce controls to ensure Products are in compliance.

To give you a better idea of the kind of work our team does, here is a small snapshot of some of the initiatives the team have been involved in over the past 6 months:

  • Applying a strategic architectural risk analysis framework across Compute, Network and Storage's applications to align with the industry architecture risk requirements.
  • Leading the discovery, definition and documentation of the architecture for the next iteration of the firm's private cloud.
  • Documenting the infrastructure resource location model currently in use in CNS and analysing how that can integrated into the Infrastructure Platform strategic resource location model.
  • Designing and documenting an architecture for the Base Compute service to enable more accurate consumption based billing on the private cloud.
  • Developing and deploying a CLI for the firm's private cloud Compute offering.

We are essentially about identifying and solving problems at all levels, and so our leadership strongly supports our initiatives and usually puts them at the top of the organisational priorities.

WHO are we looking for: We're looking for a hands-on Applied Architect to join our Architecture team and help lead, build and operate JPMC’s public and private cloud platforms.

The ideal candidate is a hands-on-technologist with significant experience in architecture and engineering modern infrastructure platforms and services, including development of API best practices, enabling Cloud Solutions and Infrastructure as Code. We are looking for someone who understands the end-to-end view of Product , Application and Service offering and how to leverage industry best practices in:

We expect your passion for technology and thirst for problem solving will help shape the future of our public and private cloud platforms. Every day, you’ll bring critical thought leadership to the table, working with a team of architects, engineers, and product owners alike, creating strategically sound Target State Architectures for JPMC's public and private cloud. You will be working cross-product in the Compute Platform Product Lines which means you are responsible for ensuring these products' capabilities are consumable, consistent and interoperable.

You will own and maintain the architecture vision and horizon view for that vision. You'll have a stakeholder say in setting roadmap priorities and fostering a customer-centric environment. At the end of the day, your work will have tremendous and positive impact, whether it’s in-house, in collaboration with technologists across JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s global technology community or in partnership with some of the most important tech firms in the world.

Key Responsibilities to Include:

  • Taking initiative, ownership to identify, collaborate and solve problems including documentation of problem statement and clear requirements.
  • Bring a customer-centric approach to problem solving to come up with innovative, practical solutions and designing fit for purpose solutions.
  • Iterative delivery of Strategic Architecture Design and work with all the stakeholders to get buy-in and engagement on the architecture strategy and adoption.
  • Be an individual contributor and able to influence stakeholders, form virtual teams where necessary to drive solutions.
  • Partner with the GTI wide architectural community to drive best practices and alignment and represent interests and positions of the Compute, Networking and Storage (CNS) team in the GTI,
  • Leads and guide the design, development of reusable components.
  • Drive strategic long-term improvement plans that take into account the critical, underlying and less apparent relationships between multiple complex business, technology and systems platforms.

Skills & Experience

  • Significant, demonstrable hands-on experience designing simplified enterprise infrastructure architecture for very large organizations.
  • Expert in making Architecture goals consumable through iterative delivery across all levels of the organization.
  • Experience working in a globally distributed, flat structure team where taking the initiative is the norm.
  • Experience at working both autonomously and in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.
  • Excellent communicator at all levels of the organization, both verbal and written.
  • Ability to educate and uplift junior technologists to make stronger architectural decisions.
  • Experience working in a development or architecture function in highly regulated industries.
  • Proficient knowledge on at least few of the below technologies :
    • Cloud technologies (VMware, AWS, Azure, Google)
    • Automation frameworks (Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, SCCM)
    • Operating Systems (Linux / Windows)
    • Security (Identity and Access Management)
    • Web & Application Servers (Apache / IIS / Tomcat)
    • Database (SQL / NoSQL)
    • Messaging (Kafka / Kinesis / MQ)
    • Monitoring (Prometheus, OEM, Open Metrics)
    • Networking (TCP/IP, Software Defined Network)

Strong candidates will also exhibit the following qualities:

  • Experience in one of more modern programming languages.
  • Experience in understanding Foundational Risk and Regulatory Controls for financial institutions.
  • Hands-on experience in developing and implementing applications or designs across multiple products/services.
  • Demonstrated examples of influencing & challenging the status quo and solving problems.
  • Ability to forge strong relationships and build a SME network across extended teams.
  • Strong decision-making skills and ability to manage multiple inter dependent programs with virtual teams.