Senior Lead Software Engineer - Kubernetes

Greater London
Full time
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JP Morgan
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As a Senior Lead Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase within the Corporate Sector in Kubernetes Product team, you are an integral part of an agile team that works to enhance, build, and deliver trusted market-leading technology products in a secure, stable, and scalable way. Drive significant business impact through your capabilities and contributions, and apply deep technical expertise and problem-solving methodologies to tackle a diverse array of challenges that span multiple technologies and applications.

Job responsibilities

  • Regularly provides technical guidance and direction to support the business and its technical teams, contractors, and vendors
  • Develops secure and high-quality production code, and reviews and debugs code written by others
  • Drives decisions that influence the product design, application functionality, and technical operations and processes
  • Automating Infrastructure-as-code, using Terraform, VRA, ansible and other infrastructure automation tools. Automating networking and O/S configuration from building images, configuring file system layouts and automating BGP peering up through CRI, CNI & CSI configuration for Kubernetes clusters
  • Automating the installation, upgrade, scaling and management of a large and rapidly growing fleet of Kubernetes clusters. Develop custom platform control plane webhooks, CRDs and operators and more that provide a secure opinionated platform
  • Produces architecture and design artifacts for complex applications while being accountable for ensuring design constraints are met by software code development
  • Adds to the team culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect

Required qualifications, capabilities, and skills

  • Formal training or certification on software engineering concepts with advanced knowledge
  • Hands-on practical experience delivering system design, application development, testing, and operational stability
  • Proficiency in multiple modern programming languages, ideally including one of Go, Python, React, Java and cloud native experience
  • Experience working with modern private & public cloud infrastructure platforms - Kubernetes, AWS EKS Terraform, Ansible and other automation tools
  • Experience in developing, debugging, and maintaining code in a large corporate environment with one or more modern programming languages and database querying languages
  • Ability to tackle design and functionality problems independently with little to no oversight
  • Experience in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Mathematics, or a related technical field
Preferred qualifications, capabilities, and skills
  • Experience in Infrastructure Architecture designs
  • Experience in GCP GKE ecosystems a plus
  • Knowledge of industry-wide technology trends and best practices
  • Knowledge of multiple Cloud Platforms