Transport for Greater Manchester

Transport for Greater Manchester

We oversee transport and travel in Greater Manchester and our mission is to ‘make travel easier’ across the city-region.

An effective transport system supports a strong economy by enabling goods to reach customers, and businesses to access skills and talent. It also has a major bearing on people’s health and well-being by facilitating social interaction, encouraging more active travel and addressing traffic pollution.

We own the Metrolink network – the largest tram network in the UK – and operate the Leigh to Ellenbrook guided busway. Our responsibilities include Park and Ride Metrolink sites, Cycle Hubs, bus stations, stops and shelters as well as traffic and pedestrian signals.

We’re also working hard to make walking and cycling more attractive options for short trips and our ambition is for 10% of all journeys to be made by bike by 2025.

To help us make travel easier for everyone and meet our objectives, we work closely with the Mayor of Greater Manchester and the Greater Manchester Combined Authority. We also have support from partners across both the public and private sector.

"I started working for TfGM 12 years ago because of the opportunity, I staged because of the variety and meaningfulness of my work, and because of the people. TfGM is a fair and flexible employer. They have supported me through good times and harder times such as bereavement, ill-health of team members, fertility treatment and the demands of being a full-time working mother. They have worked with me to understand the issues and helped me to organise my own work around the situation."
Caroline Whittam
Head of Rail Franchising
Caroline Whittam, Head of Rail Franchising
"I have managed to find a working pattern that enables me to balance a job that I love with my responsibilities as a parent. This has not only helped me integrate a healthy lifestyle and creates a feeling of positive wellbeing, but due to being able to work flexibly and having the right technology, I feel I’m more productive in the work I do and this gives me personal satisfaction week in week out!"
Jo Llewellyn
Human Resources Business Partner, Health and Wellbeing
Jo Llewellyn, Human Resources Business Partner, Health and Wellbeing
"I have worked for TfGM for 19 years and witnessed how the organisation has evolved during this time, to not only support, but to value and champion their female workforce. This support worked to empower me when I returned from maternity leave. My confidence had been lowered during my absence and I worried about keeping up with any changes that had occurred during my time away. However, within 3 months of returning to work I was given the opportunity to fulfil a secondment as Section Manager of my team, an opportunity I managed to take up due to the flexible working support offered and a very supportive management team. This support meant I was able to make a success of my secondment and have subsequently retained Section Manager responsibilities and have progressed to a more diverse, challenging role. "
Jenny Coates
Service Planning Officer, DRT
Jenny Coates, Service Planning Officer, DRT
"Working flexible allows me to support my family as well as deliver and run transport services for Greater Manchester. The organisation has put in place technology so that I can work safely and securely anytime any place and anywhere with a connection to the internet. I can communicate with colleagues virtually face to face, collaborate together on work and support my family. Recently my wife fell ill and I had to return home to pick up my daughters from school and do the school runs and look after my wife. The TfGM Working Differently initiative and supporting technology allowed me to rearrange my meetings to video conferences and conference calls whilst still be able to support my family at home."
Malcolm Lowe
Head of IS
Malcolm Lowe, Head of IS