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Understanding and addressing your gender pay gap 

The gender pay gap is bad news for business. The good news is that you and your team can do something about it. Watch our 30-minute webinar to better understand the pay gap, its impact on your business, and learn the 10 key steps you can take to make a real impact.

WORK180 gender pay gap webinar

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 28 minutes  



Access an informative and actionable presentation from WORK180’s Jane Cormack. Originally presented at an exclusive think tank for our Endorsed Employers, the webinar covers the key facts around the gender pay gap and its impact on organizations:


  • Understand of the causes of gender pay gap
  • Learn the impact on your organization
  • Gain 10 key initiatives to close the gap
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Hosted by Jane Cormack, MBA

Chief Product Officer at WORK180 

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Want even more detail and actionable data around the gender pay gap? You’ll find exactly that in report three of our Driving Workplace Equity Series: Understanding and addressing your gender pay gap. 

Watch our short video to discover who WORK180 is and how we help organizations build and benefit from diversity and inclusion. 

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