The What Women Want Report 2021

Revealing what women* around the world want and need from the workplace

What do women look for in an employer? Why do they feel pushed out of the workforce? How important is flexibility? WORK180 asked women all these questions and more in our recent survey, and you can find all the answers in our free global report.

*by women, we mean all who identify and/or experience oppression as a woman (including cis, trans, intersex, non-binary or gender non-conforming individuals).

What Women Want report

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About the report

Workplaces need more women. But first, women need more from the workplace.

From subtle sexism to downright discrimination, women continue to face a multitude of workplace barriers — especially people from underrepresented groups. We surveyed a wide cross-section of women to create a report that revealed what workplaces can be doing to remove these barriers. 

While the report provides valuable information for employers wishing to nurture a diverse workforce, it’s also a supportive and empowering read for women. Made up of voices from a wide range of identities and experiences, we hope it shows others they’re not alone in needing, wanting, and demanding more.

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Topics covered in the report

  • What women value and look for in an employer
  • Workplace perks, benefits, and policies that matter most to women  
  • Career barriers facing women and how employers can remove them 
  • What employers can be doing to attract, nurture, and retain women

Creating the survey and referencing the report

The WORK180 What Women Want Report 2021 compiles the findings of an anonymous survey sent out in July 2021. The survey was circulated to those both in and outside of WORK180’s community of women, in the US, UK, and Australia. 

When using the findings from this report, please cite WORK180 and include the following link:

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