Life Insurance Client Services Analyst

NFP Corp.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Job Type: Full time


Life Insurance Client Services Analyst

Mandatory Functions:

  • Understanding of Client Services
    • Work with carriers when necessary to obtain detailed and sometimes extremely complex information needed for inforce policies via email/phone, until correct.
    • Collaborate with key team members to ensure proper materials are prepared and ready for client meetings, on time.
    • Prepare and assemble materials for client meetings.
    • Attend staff meetings and capture relevant case information, record implementation instructions, and ensure that information is flowing appropriately among departments.
    • Facilitate and participate in resolving client issues by suggesting possible solutions and/or methodologies.
  • Process Policy Change Requests / Client Requests
    • Obtain and prepare forms, verify if DocuSign is available, obtain signatures from appropriate parties, submit to carrier, follow through to completion.
    • Communicate with clients via phone and email for follow-up.
    • Document change in database tracking system, provide confirmation to client, and update policy record in CRM as appropriate.
    • Gather additional documentation requested by carrier, e.g., corporate resolutions, trust certification.
      • Change of Owner
      • Request ITR value.
      • Note policy value as of the date of ownership change in database tracking system.
      • Change of Beneficiary
      • Policy Loans / Withdrawals
      • Change of Death Benefit Option
      • Change of Face Amount
      • Change of Premium Amount / Mode / Bank Account for EFT
      • Change of Address
      • Change of Trustee
      • Death Claims
      • Other Changes
    • Term conversions - coordinate & provide data to New Business team.
  • Invoice for Premiums Due
    • When not known, research how and to whom invoices are sent.
    • Create invoice.
    • Confirm available methods of payment, e.g., carrier wire instructions, pay online or by phone info, overnight mail address.
    • Follow-up after invoice sent to make sure premium is paid.
    • Communicate with client via email and phone for follow up.
    • Contact various parties for signatures, e.g., if trustees need to sign off on the release of funds.
  • Prepare Materials for Annual Reviews
    • Insurance Summaries
      • Gather policy values, total premiums paid, paid-to-date and confirm owner/beneficiary on file with carrier are correct.
      • Confirm DOB, issue age, risk class issue date, etc. are entered correctly.
      • Update spreadsheet footnotes with any additional information as appropriate.
      • Update policy record in CRM as appropriate.
    • Prepare premium history.
    • Prepare Index Segment report for IUL policies.
    • Pull current fund selection and historical performance data for VUL policies.
    • Run or order in-force illustrations as appropriate.
    • Save inforce ledgers to the server, print copies for inclusion in presentation binder if applicable.
    • Add / update future tasks in database tracking system.
    • Note any important items to communicate to producers.
  • Report Monthly and Quarterly Values
    • Pull policy values and provide to appropriate parties (lenders/assignees)
  • Prepare Follow Up or General Client Meeting Materials
    • Gather additional information from outside sources when appropriate.
    • Prepare polished presentation materials.
  • Other Duties As Assigned
    • In a smaller firm, everyone pitches in when needed.

Knowledge Base:

  • Minimum 5 years of experience in the life insurance industry and client services processes.
  • Solid foundation of the needs of an independent retail firm and its producers.
  • Ability to interact and work well with insurance wholesalers, carrier home office representatives, and clients.
  • Excellent working knowledge of all software necessary to perform job.
  • Computer and office equipment experience, Word Processing, Excel, Data Entry.
  • Extremely adept at Excel spreadsheet development.
  • Attention to detail and accuracy of work are imperative.
  • Must be dependable and flexible in changing priorities with the ability to handle multiple tasks.
  • Possess excellent interpersonal and communication skills (both oral and written) and communicate in a clear, understandable way.
  • Knows correct format for correspondence (letters, memos, reports etc.)
  • Excellent proofreading skills.
  • Must be able to apply common sense and carry out detailed written or oral instructions.

Work Environment

  • Fast-paced constantly changing priorities and deadlines.
  • Hours regularly exceeding 40 hours/week.
  • High-Stress, deadline-oriented work atmosphere.
  • Extensive periods of sitting and keyboard/computer work.
  • Daily communication with individuals over the phone and in person.


  • Depending on experience.


  • Provided upon request.




  • Team Player - Works well as a member of a group.
  • Detail Oriented – Pays attention to all important details of the task at hand to ensure successful completion.
  • Polished – Anxious to deliver ‘white glove’ service to our esteemed clientele.
  • Self-Starter – Inspired to perform without outside help.
  • Life-Long Learner – Anxious to grow and learn.


  • Dedicated - devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity.



5 years: Life Insurance Client Services