Would these benefits make you stay 20 years in one company?

September 14, 2023
company loyalty

What does it say about a company when an employee stays with them not just for several years, but two decades?

That’s how long Natalie Rowe has been with Pitcher Partners Melbourne – and it speaks volumes about the firm.

But the fact that she stayed there for so long isn’t the most interesting thing about her story. Nor is it the fact that she’s now Senior Manager in the division she started in twenty years ago.

Instead, it’s why she stayed – and kept staying – that’s most remarkable.

Nat’s professional journey is the perfect showcase of a company doing the right things to keep employees engaged and fulfilled in their work. And it’s a prime example of how true employee satisfaction often goes beyond metrics and formulas.

Choosing Pitcher Partners

Nat started in Pitcher Partners more than twenty years ago, joining the firm’s Business Advisory and Assurance (BAA) division in 2003 as a graduate.

Little did she know that two decades later, she would be helping lead the next generation in the same department.

But even back then, Nat already had high hopes for the company.

Pitcher Partners was highly regarded within the industry and provided excellent service to its clients. I believed that working there would give me valuable experience, exposure to a diverse range of clients, and opportunities for growth in my career.”

And her belief paid off. 

Not only did the company meet and exceed her expectations, but it also provided the comprehensive support she wanted to continually advance in her career.

Pitcher Partners has supported my development through ongoing training programs, including my CA (Chartered Accountant) certifications. They foster a culture of continuous learning and keep us updated with industry trends and regulations.”

This culture of continuous improvement kept Nat motivated to keep reaching higher and dream bigger, pushing her to greater professional heights over the years.

Today, she is one of BAA’s top leaders and a trusted advisor with decades of experience and expertise in her resume.

And more importantly – thanks to Pitcher Partners – decades spent doing work that was challenging but rewarding.

Staying for the long haul

When we asked Nat if she recalled the exact moment she knew Pitcher Partners was the right company for her, she answered:

“I can’t remember one key moment, but I found myself in a friendly and supportive work environment where the work was interesting and challenging. I then realized it was the right decision.”

As a noted self-starter and high achiever, Nat naturally cherished this sense of challenge.

The opportunity to work with different businesses and tackle projects of all types and sizes has also been too good to pass up.

“We work with a wide range of clients across different industries, which exposes me to various business operations, accounting practices, and industry-specific regulations. These have greatly broadened my knowledge and skills.”

She summarizes her thoughts:

“The most rewarding parts of my job are the combination of professional growth, diverse exposure, and the opportunity to coach and develop junior staff.”

This chance to guide the next generation, in particular, has been a recent but undeniable source of fulfillment for Nat, especially in her team.

“I believe my role as manager in our division has an impact on the development and careers of our younger talents.”

She says:

“Being part of a team allows me to contribute to the development of junior staff members. Seeing them learn and progress brings a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction.” 

By tapping into her desire to succeed and connecting her with the future of the business, Pitcher Partners gave Nat the drive to continue growing with the company.

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A welcome place for women

Even with the best intentions, it’s difficult for any company to retain their best employees without the right support and benefits in place. 

Fortunately for Nat, Pitcher Partners provided a lot more than what she needed to thrive. 

She shares some of the standout perks for her and other women in the company.

First is the variety of work available and the lasting impact of her efforts.

“I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with many different clients, building relationships, and gaining a deep understanding of their businesses. It goes beyond numbers and calculations – we get to make a real impact on businesses.”

Pitcher Partners’ flexible work arrangements have also been a huge benefit.

Pitcher Partners offers flexible work arrangements, such as remote work options or flexible hours. This allows us to better manage our personal commitments while meeting our professional responsibilities.” 

She adds:

“This flexibility lets us pursue ongoing career development opportunities without sacrificing work-life balance.”

Nat also highlights the company’s commitment to continually investing in their people.

Pitcher Partners ongoing training programs and various industry events help us enhance our skills, stay updated with industry trends, and expand our professional network. This continued career development empowers us to grow our expertise, explore new roles or specializations, and take on increased responsibilities in our career paths.”

Then there’s the cherry on top for Nat: the company’s team-based culture and unique ways of working.

“BAA has a collaborative environment where you can work closely with others in the team, exchange knowledge, and tackle challenges together.”

And it’s not just Nat who loves this about the company – others in her team also kindly shared with us.

Kathy Hu, a manager in BAA, tells us:

company loyalty

“My favorite part about working in BAA is the relationships I’ve built over the years not only with clients but my teams along the way. As our work is very team-based, being able to work together to achieve common goals and outcomes for our clients is very rewarding.” 

Tahlia Corbo, an assistant manager, also shares:

“My favorite part of working in BAA is the relationships we make, whether it’s the teams or the clients we work with. Also, the diverse range of work and skills we are exposed to.”

Nat agrees:

“Working as a team helps us solve problems and come up with new ideas. It’s a great way to learn from each other and become better at what we do.”

Should you stay or should you go?

Are you happy where you are? Do you see yourself working somewhere else? What would make you stay or go?

These are questions only you can answer. 

But if you’re like Nat and already have what you’re looking for, the answer is much, much easier.

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