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Essential Energy

Essential Energy

    Essential Energy - empowering communities to share and use energy for a better tomorrow…And you can too.

    Empowering people

    Our motivated and exceptional people work to operate and maintain one of Australia’s largest electricity distribution networks, delivering safe and reliable power to our customers.

    At Essential Energy, we don’t just acknowledge differences, we actively seek out diverse perspectives across all spectrums, including gender, heritage, and ability. We understand that diversity encourages an innovative and agile workforce. We empower our teams to build an inclusive workplace, ensuring all voices are heard and the potential of every employee is realised. And as a result, we have better ideas and happier employees.

    Our Diversity Council and representatives help us develop and deliver strategies that foster equal opportunities for women - with a specific focus on improving female representation in non-traditional and leadership roles. We’re also proud of our partnership with the National Association of Women in Operations (NAWO) and the professional development and growth opportunities it provides.

    We are passionate people, with global thinking and a regional heart that are on a mission to build a better energy future. 

    Empowering your future

    Essential Energy your passion and skills lie in operations, administration, leadership, technology, or communications, Essential Energy can offer a rewarding career and a great work-life balance.

    Empowering communities

    At Essential Energy, we look after the poles and wires that deliver electricity to 95 percent of New South Wales and parts of southern Queensland. The electricity we deliver powers homes, hospitals, schools, businesses, and services.

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    At Essential Energy we have a wide variety of positions and careers pathways on offer. From Apprenticeships, Graduate Programs and Traineeships to Corporate and Executive roles.

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