Hydro Tasmania group

Hydro Tasmania group

Shape your own career in renewables 

Our vision is a sustainable energy future for all, by accelerating the transition to renewable energy. With over thirty thousand people employed by our organisation over a 100+ year period, we know a thing or two about clean energy, and how it will shape Australia in the future. You're spoilt for choice with us, with three ambitious companies in one: 

  • Hydro Tasmania: One of Australia's leading renewable energy businesses. Technically, that means we are the largest generator of renewable energy in the country. Non-technically, it means we are made up of passionate and ambitious people who want to see a better future for the world. 
  • Momentum Energy: A leading supplier of electricity and gas solutions to business customs and residential markets across Tasmania. We’re on a mission to make energy simpler, and more human for customers. 
  • Entura: The hub of clever people! We consult with businesses on water and energy solutions, both locally in Tasmania, but also nationally and internationally, to help accelerate the renewable energy transition. 


So, why you?

Our people are our biggest assets, and we want to see you succeed when you’re at work – and when you’re not. We provide the following benefits to all employees across Hydro Tas, Momentum Energy and Entura. 

Paid parental leave for everyone

Our parental leave policy reflects our commitment to an inclusive culture for all working parents. After six months service, all parents can access 15 weeks paid parental leave, regardless of whether they are the “primary” or “secondary” carer and regardless of whether the other parent is on parental leave at the same time. 

This policy extends to surrogacy, adoption, and instances of miscarriage and stillbirth as well, and is in addition to existing policy that pays superannuation on unpaid parental leave. We hope that through these policies, we can make it easier for all working parents to spend time caring for their children and play a role in shifting unnecessary and gendered attitudes that perpetuate inequality

Support through all stages of life

Your life doesn’t get put on hold when you come to work. When it comes to flexibility, the conversation is always open. 

We offer all employees access to employee benefits platform, Circle In, where you can find support and advice to navigate your career through all stages of life. Whether you’re an expectant parent, working parent, caregiver, experiencing menopause, or just looking for some wellness tips – there’s something for everyone. The platform is all-inclusive, catering to all parents including single parents and same-sex families.

Leadership culture

Our culture and leadership program is accessible to everyone across the organisation. Focusing on three areas – self-leadership, people and technical leadership, and strategic and business leadership – it provides an opportunity for all employees to be empowered as leaders. We also have a goal to achieve 40:40:20 gender balance (40% women, 40% men and 20% any gender) at senior and executive leadership by 2030. 

A sustainable future 

Collectively, Hydro Tasmania, Momentum Energy and Entura work towards a sustainable future across the energy and water industries in Australia and globally. Our values are guided by our people, and shape how we work together to care for our customers, our communities, and our planet.  

And for you? We provide meaningful work across a broad spectrum of careers, and an employee experience that leaves our people feeling safe, connected, empowered, and recognised. Read more about our commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion in the ‘Benefits & policies’ tab.