“I feel like I crash-coursed adulthood” – Finding purpose at work

November 16, 2022
purpose at work

Whether you are in pursuit of a sense of personal purpose or career achievement Alex Holderness, Head of Publishing at Finder, has a story for you. 

In leading Finder’s publishing team in Australia, Alex’s favorite part of her role is working with a group of talented, motivated people. But working with those people within a purpose-driven organization and being encouraged to achieve her full potential without missing key life moments has been the cherry on top. 

“I love the areas we cover at Finder. I love driving growth. I love what we do. It’s so rewarding. I’ve become a total nerd with my finances, it’s so empowering. 

“In the past year, I’ve switched my health insurance, super, home loan, energy, mobile phone, car, and home insurance providers through Finder. It saves you a pretty penny! Now, leading the team that builds these pages is awesome.” 

Here’s what Alex has to share about the incredible support she’s received as a team member (and as a person with a life outside of business hours), and why it means so much to gain a true sense of belonging. 

A place to belong 

Finding a sense of belonging at work is important to many of us. For Alex, the culture at Finder is truly special.  

“I’ve been lucky to work in a range of interesting jobs – from environmental agencies to tech start-ups. But joining Finder four years ago took me to a new level. During my first few weeks, it was clear everyone was so passionate. Our values weren’t just posters – you’re encouraged to be your best and keep pushing forward without ceilings. 

Making the move from the UK to Sydney ten years ago, Alex considered herself to be a relaxed, positive person – no wonder she immediately loved the Australian lifestyle! 

“I met my now-wife at my first job, and we got our first dog. It became clear I wasn’t returning to the UK anytime soon!” 

“I’m a motivated person who loves learning and growing. So, I knew Finder was the right place for me. It’s lived up to and surpassed my expectations.” 

Meaningful career progression 

As Alex confirms, career progression matters – particularly for working parents.

“I feel like I crash-coursed adulthood in six months. At the start of the year, I was promoted to management and took on a whole new team. Half-way through the year, we had a baby. We also bought our first home and moved away from the city!” 

Finder couldn’t have been more supportive. 

“Not once did any of these events stall my career progression. I was given the space to make this role what I thought it could be, in a way that works for me. I’m incredibly grateful for that. It’s made me a better person, in and outside of work.” 

“I’ve always felt like I can bring my whole self to work, am welcomed, and seen – regardless of gender.” 

Invaluable leave benefits for working parents and team members

Some companies promote flexibility and leave. But at Finder, these aren’t just buzzwords on their career pages, they really do want to help you achieve your personal goals – whatever they may be.   

For Alex, having the support to build her family with Finder‘s parental leave policy has made the biggest impact in her life. 

“As a secondary caregiver, I received twenty weeks off – in a way that suited me, any time over two years. My wife and I were both first-time parents, so it completely changed the game for us. I took six weeks off when our son, Theodore, was born. I’m looking forward to taking the remaining when my wife returns to work next year. 

“I’m so grateful I can support her returning to work and spend a few months’ quality time with our baby.” 

Additionally, she’s found working from home to be another great gift! 

“With the flexibility to work from home, I’m thankful to gain windows in the morning, at lunch, and after work to be with my son. I feel less stressed not having to race in the mornings to make the train on time.” 

purpose at work

For working parents, these things make a difference! But Finder’s “life leave” demonstrates its value for team members too. Employees receive an additional five days off each year – for all the moments in life when you need leave. 

As Alex shares: “I’ve used this to inspect potential new homes, pick up my mom from the airport when she was visiting, and take my pets to the vet when they need their vaccinations.” 

Finder supports all team members with a gender-neutral parental leave policy and an inclusive, anti-discriminatory culture.

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Prioritizing mental well-being 

Another great benefit of being part of a company that values its people is the importance it places on mental well-being. 

For Alex, Finder has been instrumental in supporting her mental health. 

“I’m definitely a happier person! When our son was born, taking time off was so special; I felt I could be fully present with him. Finder supports working parents to do their best work.” 

Better yet, she found returning work to be a positive experience. 

“Everyone was so welcoming. Being able to work from home and choose when and how I come into the office has been incredible. When your kids are little – it’s time you’ll never get back. I’m so grateful to work for a company that values and understands that.” 

In choosing how and when you work, Alex has this to add: “I believe in making your time at work count. So, I tend to run fast at work and avoid working crazy evening hours. That’s supported at Finder.” 

A sense of achievement and purpose

Alex’s goal as a leader is to empower and energize her team. Having someone share this feedback was a standout moment. 

“One of my crew said this in passing: they valued the energy I brought back to the team since returning from leave. No one messaged me about work the whole time! As a leader, it made me so happy to see how my team stepped up (and crushed their goals) while I was away.” 

Ultimately, the question ‘what is my purpose in life’ has no straight or simple answer. Everyone has their own unique goals, but for Alex, all the reasons she wakes up excited to jump out of bed have been supported and nurtured at Finder

“Our aim at Finder is to support you to do your career-best work, we also offer a flexible environment where you are empowered to hit your goals in a way that suits you, and, well, the policies supporting this culture speaks for themselves!”

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