AI Insights: Understanding CDK46 Inhibitor Resistance in Metastatic Breast Cancer Dynamics

AstraZeneca UK

Location: Luton

Job Type: Full time


The study focuses on the complex dynamics of treating HER2-negative, HR-positive metastatic breast cancer with CDK46 inhibitors (CDK46i), emphasising exploring resistance patterns! The urgency for refined treatment strategies for metastatic breast cancer, marked by significant relapse rates, underscores the significance of the project. CDK46 inhibitors have emerged as a crucial first-line treatment for HR+/HER2 − metastatic breast cancer.

Our research utilises real-world data and artificial intelligence, particularly knowledge graphs, to thoroughly analyse CDK46i resistance factors. The primary objective is to assess subsequent treatment patterns and outcomes in metastatic breast cancer following first-line (1L) CDK46i treatment. Current knowledge gaps, especially concerning CDK46i, provide a compelling context, and the research employs cutting-edge methodologies to analyse Real World Data, extending insights beyond traditional clinical settings.

As an intern, you will contribute to a multidimensional approach to identify areas for improvement and guide targeted interventions to enhance patient outcomes. A vital aspect of this internship involves active participation in developing an R package, a practical tool streamlining knowledge graph creation. Initially tailored for CDK46i-treated metastatic breast cancer patients, this tool is designed to exceed its original purpose, providing a versatile solution for similar challenges across other oncology treatment medical settings.

Your role will include contributing to knowledge graph creation, unravelling patterns in patient journeys post-CDK46i resistance, and shedding light on the impacts of different treatment approaches on cancer outcomes. Integrating advanced analytical tools will be pivotal in transforming therapeutic strategies for HR+/HER2- metastatic breast cancer. This internship offers a unique opportunity to contribute significantly to the ongoing discourse in oncological research, and improved outcomes in the challenging realm of metastatic breast cancer treatment.

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