Philip Morris International UK

Philip Morris International UK

Do you want to help deliver real change? Here at Philip Morris International we want to transform the lives of millions of legal age smokers across the world. We are the world’s first leading tobacco company to embark on an exciting journey towards a vision of a smokefree future.

We have engineered an innovative portfolio of smokefree products to make our vision a reality. We believe in our products. That’s why we have invested over $7.2 billion (USD) into creating these products with the imagination and excellence of some of the world’s greatest minds. We estimate that almost 11 million legal age smokers around the world have already stopped smoking and switched to our heated tobacco products. Our goal is to have 40 million legal age smokers switch to our smoke free alternatives by 2025. 

Do you want to join a “Global Top Employer?” Our transformation is driven by our diverse community of talented and creative individuals that are continuously redefining our products and services. We encourage our people to express their creativity to come up with incredible ideas and work together on solving real problems. That’s why when you join us, you will be learning from the best.

PMI teams have been awarded in 50 countries across the world in recognition of the high standards of excellence in our working environment and the exceptional development opportunities we offer. As part of our transformation, we want our people to thrive and with more than 1000 cross-functional moves a year, the opportunities for adventure are endless.

Join a global company that celebrates diversity. We applaud diversity. We want our company to reflect our consumers. That is why we want to create a web of meaningful relationships with the best talent from across the world. PMI Stripes, our internal LGBT group, constantly works on different initiatives to promote equality, implement inclusion and raise awareness of the LGBT community in the company. We are committed to constantly evaluating and improving our diverse community. Our wealth of experiences and perspectives means we have bigger ways of thinking.

At PMI, we see equal pay for equal work between men and women as the baseline standard for equality, and we’ve confirmed that our actual pay practices match our good intentions with the Global EQUAL-SALARY Certification. Access our Gender Pay Gap Report here. Currently, in our UK affiliate, women make up 35% of managerial roles, and our goal is to increase that figure to at least 40 percent by 2022. We are leading from the top in pursuit of this important milestone, with the UK senior leadership benefiting from a 50:50 gender split. Our latest qualitative audit helped us uncover potential barriers that may hinder equal opportunities for women to advance. That process has generated more conversations, and focused management’s attention on the need to improve the gender balance at PMI. And this is just the beginning.

Shaping a smokefree future is a challenge: and not a small one. We see this challenge as our motivation. An engine that won’t only drive innovation, opportunity and progression at PMI, but allow us to own our responsibility of building a better world for all.