We’re Spirit Energy, one of Europe’s top independent exploration and production companies.
Thanks to our quick thinking, desire to do things differently, collaborative nature, and most importantly our people, we’re creating a strong, sustainable business built for the future.
Today, Spirit Energy’s team of more than 700 people oversees production of 50million barrels of oil equivalent per year, while working out how to tap into reserves and resources in the pipeline amounting to more than 600million barrels. We’re rethinking how we operate, allowing us to maximise the potential of our existing assets, work with our partners to bring exciting new developments on stream and maintain an absolute commitment to safety in everything we do.
"“I’ve got three young children under the age of five; a daughter and twin boys. So, juggling the various demands on my time can be tough. Flexible working isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s essential in allowing me to spend time with them while still being able to fulfil my career aspirations.”"
Amanda Shinnie
Asset Assistant - North Sea Team
Amanda Shinnie, Asset Assistant - North Sea Team
"“When you enjoy what you do professionally there is not always a clear distinction between work and home life, as the two naturally comingle. Generally, flexible working allows me to manage my time in a way that means I can bring the best of myself to all facets of my life – whether that be in the workplace, our outside of it.”"
Vanessa Medeiros
Senior Procurement Manager, North Sea
Vanessa Medeiros, Senior Procurement Manager, North Sea