Leveraging your

WORK180 endorsement

As a WORK180 Endorsed Employer, your organization is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion – let’s spread the news about all the great things you’re doing!

Below is a range of suggestions on how you can use your WORK180 endorsement to raise your profile as a workplace where women can thrive.

WORK180 endorsement badge

Leveraging your endorsement badge

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Promoting your  endorsement to candidates

Promoting your endorsement to your employees

Leveraging your WORK180 endorsement badge

The WORK180 endorsement badge is synonymous with great workplaces for all women. There are a variety of ways you can proudly promote this well-earned accolade.

Feature the badge on your website

We highly recommend that you add your WORK180 endorsement badge to your website. You may want to position it within the website footer so that it can be easily viewed on every page of your site. Be sure to check out our badge guidelines first.

Add the badge to your email signatures

Why not get your staff to include the WORK180 badge in their email signatures? Click the buttons below for a standard email banner, or contact your DEI Account Manager to request a bespoke email signature banner.

Update your LinkedIn banner image 

You may want to make a WORK180 LinkedIn banner file available to staff to use for their Linked profile. Alternatively, they can add the WORK180 badge to their existing LinkedIn banner image.

Promoting your WORK180 endorsement to candidates

Raising the awareness of your WORK180 endorsement amongst potential candidates will improve your chances of attracting high quality and diverse talent. Here are some ways you can promote your endorsement.

Social media

Why not announce your WORK180 endorsement via your social channels? This is a great way to share the great news with your wider network.

Here are the endorsement announcement banners you can use to accompany your announcement:

Linkedin  |  Facebook  |  Instagram 

And don’t forget to add #WORK180 to your post!

Job ads

We highly recommend that you include the link to your WORK180 profile page in your job ad template. You can see this example job ad from Coles on their own website’s careers page includes a link to their WORK180 profile. 

We also recommend mentioning your WORK180 endorsement on any 3rd party job sites you use as well. Something along the lines of “We are proud to be recognized as an employer of choice for women by WORK180.“ and you can incorporate your badge into the image that you use in your job ads too. See example to the right.

Careers page

It is worth considering how you can make your WORK180 endorsement prominent on your organization’s own careers page. Please feel free to use this banner (click button below) on your website or reach out to your DEI Account Manager to request a custom design.

Press release

You may want to consider reaching out to your comms team to arrange a press release announcing your WORK180 endorsement. Here are some examples of press coverage that Endorsed Employers have received about their WORK180 endorsement:

Promoting your endorsement to your employees

It’s important to let your current employees know about your WORK180 endorsement and commitment to gender equity. Some suggestions on how to do this include:

Internal announcement

It is worthwhile making a formal announcement to your staff so they are aware of your commitment to diversity and equity. Here is a template you can use for your internal announcement.

Pull up banners

We can design a pull up banner promoting your WORK180 endorsement that you can display in your office. For more information, reach out to your DEI Account Manager today.

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