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May 3, 2021

Looking for your next job? 5 reasons why you should make diversity, equity, and inclusion a requirement.

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Searching for a job can be difficult and time-consuming. So why is it that when we are searching for a new job do we spend so little time looking for the right employer? We can be so fixated on getting a new role that we forget to check if an employer is progressive in their culture and policies regarding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). But we have found that this is one of the most important things to look for because it will benefit you directly. (And may even help you in your job search.)

Here are our top five reasons why working for a progressive employer will benefit you:


1. Flexible working is genuinely encouraged

Progressive employers encourage (genuinely encourage, not the ‘we will say the right things but not really mean it’ type encourage) their employees to set their own boundaries and take full advantage of flexible work options. These may include flexible hours of work, remote working, or even a compressed working week. When you work for a progressive employer you will be able to work in a way that suits you while being empowered by your employer to do so.

How might this help you with your job search? If you are looking for a flexible job, but finding it hard to find one that suits your needs, it might help to first look for employers that are committed to DEI and are therefore more likely to consider and accommodate your needs around flexible working.


2. Creative and innovative working environment

When an employer makes DEI a priority they help create an empowering, bias-free, and supportive gender-equal workplace, which in turn leads to a workplace that is innovative and creative. By bouncing ideas off each other, a team that is gender-balanced and culturally diverse benefits from different points of view that come from different life experiences which can generate a more creative, and innovative working environment. (Imagine how inspiring it would be to work in an environment like this!)


3. More opportunities for career development

Women are (still) underrepresented at leadership and management levels and this is something that progressive employers are working to change and this doesn’t mean just setting women in leadership targets, although that is definitely a start. Progressive employers have programs in place to help nurture and support women in their workplaces such as coaching programs, mentoring opportunities, and leadership development programs. When there are more women in leadership, not only is this good for business, but they also have a meaningful impact on a company’s culture and are role models, mentors, and allies for women at all levels.


4. Empowered to perform your best work

Progressive employers are taking steps to minimize (and eradicate) gender bias. Working in an environment free of bias and that is diverse and inclusive, you are more likely to feel accepted, valued, heard, and empowered to perform your best work. (No more feeling like you are just a number!)


5. Benefits and policies to help you thrive

A company that is committed to progress is more likely to have policies in place that will help support you and set you up for success (and that doesn’t mean just handing you a piece of paper with a list of their policies on it). These include policies around flexible working, leave, inclusion, diversity, pay equity, parental support, and professional development programs. These policies are in place to help you thrive in the workplace.


So now you know how you will benefit from working for a progressive employer, your next question might be, how can I find these employers? And the answer is… WORK180!

WORK180 has your back when it comes to job searching. We recognize the common barriers women face when job searching – and we’ve shifted the power equation in your favor.

We’ve done this by asking the hard questions for you especially around parental leave policies and company culture. We do this to ensure our listed employers are proud to support diversity, inclusion, and flexibility — and most importantly, your success.

So when you apply for a job through WORK180, you know you are applying with a progressive employer that is committed to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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About the Author
As WORK180's Brand Manager for Women, Jane Saddington's priority is to ensure that WORK180 is providing information, tips and advice that will help job seekers in their job search, while ensuring they have a seamless experience when searching for a job through WORK180. As a mom of three girls, Jane is passionate about DEI and helping to make the workplace a more diverse, equitable and inclusive place, for our generation and the next to come.

Looking for a new opportunity?

Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job.