What we do

We know that growing is about more than just crops and cultivation. It’s about sunshine and rain, early mornings and hard work. It can be frustratingly unpredictable but also wonderfully uplifting. More than anything, it’s about people. Nufarm is the dependable partner behind thousands of agricultural success stories. Every day, growers around the world turn to our products and our people to help with the challenges of fighting disease, weeds and pests, and to increase crop yields.

Inclusion and Diversity

Women at Nufarm

Nufarm’s focus on gender diversity is designed to empower all employees by actively addressing the barriers to equality and creating a level playing field and inclusive culture for both men and women.

To this end, we conducted a gender pay analysis was as part of our annual salary and short-term incentive review. The findings showed that most regions gender pay parity slightly favoured female remuneration outcomes for both salary and incentive. We are focused on improving female representation across all areas of the business and the Board considers gender diversity an important factor in its succession planning.  Our goal across the Board and senior leadership is to have not less than 30 percent of people of each gender by 2022.

Come as you are

We trust and respect one another and celebrate our differences. Feel empowered to be who you are and unlock your potential.

Stay curious

Still learning? So are we. Explore new ideas, get creative and be heard. We’ll support you to focus on the possibilities and have some fun.

Own your growth

Our customers' changing needs inspire us to stay agile, creating an energetic environment with countless opportunities where together, we can all make a difference.

We are Australian through and through, unearth the possibilities of a meaningful role with Nufarm and check out the jobs tab above.