December 20, 2021

Being a technical specialist at Ericsson

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Leanne is part of a diverse team delivering projects that enable Ericsson’s customers to build new 5G networks, as well as maintaining and integrating the new networks to existing networks. 

A career as a technical specialist

“My role is very hands on and specialised, and requires in-depth knowledge of 5G Core technology, which is based on cloud-native infrastructure. My role is Solutions Architect. I lead a team of local and international people to deliver a project, doing technical design and customer management. I also do hands-on work, deploying each of the network elements and integrating them to each other and to the existing network. I am frequently involved in troubleshooting and am a subject matter expert in my technical domain.” 


Leanne started her career as a graduate with Ericsson’s global services division in 2007. Mobile phones were growing in popularity and becoming more accessible. Leanne got to do a lot of international travel and found the role really exciting. As a technical engineer, she worked on 3G and 4G mobile networks for telecommunication operators around the world. 

After seven years she moved on, remaining in the telecommunications industry but building her knowledge of different technologies. She was focused on business and strategy, and after four years realised she missed the technical opportunities.

“An opportunity arose at Ericsson to work on 5G networks. There was so much talk about 5G in the industry but so many unknowns at the time, I wanted to have that deep technical knowledge myself.” 


In her technical leadership role, Leanne gets to go deep into the detail, which suits her introverted, curious nature.

“I love to understand things in detail and this work allows me to delve deeply into the technology. I wouldn’t be able to troubleshoot problems, fix faults or debate technical details if I didn’t understand the topic thoroughly.”

Leanne Leong is the boomerang kid. She started with Ericsson in 2007 as a graduate, left to pursue external opportunities, then three and a half years ago returned to the fold and is happily employed as a Solutions Architect.

Teamwork makes the dream work

As a technical specialist we sometimes picture people bent over their desks working on their own all day, but that’s not Leanne’s work life at all. She enjoys the teamwork component of working in a multi-national company.

“I am surrounded by so many talented people that I can learn from and share my knowledge with. Telecommunication networks are large, complex and rapidly evolving and there is no one person who knows everything. So, you need to rely on others for their technical understanding and they rely on you. The teamwork and dedication at Ericsson are unlike I have seen anywhere else.” 


Leanne really appreciates working with a team of talented and co-operative people. She can learn from her colleagues, as well as share her knowledge, and her dedication to focusing on issues until they are resolved is known throughout the business. People internally see her as a reliable and helpful, so she is trusted to problem solve and assist with technical issues. 

It’s important to Leanne to contribute to that supportive culture as well.

“I would like people to know me as someone who cares to listen to them and contributes to their enjoyment in working at Ericsson.”

Did you know Ericsson also supports inclusion and belonging at work through several Employee led diversity groups and great parental leave policies?

Learn more about Ericsson’s inclusion and diversity efforts.

Overcoming gender barriers in technology

Ericsson is proud of its focus on diversity, and values the different perspectives that people like Leanne bring to the business. As a woman in tech, she is still often a minority in the room, but her desire to do what’s best for the customer helps her have the confidence to speak up.

“As a woman in a male dominated industry, it can seem intimidating at times to be the only female having to argue my point or propose my solution. It can be challenging as a quiet introvert, but I have learnt over the years my voice is only held back by my own doubts. When I am faced with a tough challenge, my energy is focused on getting the tasks done, motivating the team to keep going and having the inner strength to get through. If you set a good example, people will listen and follow you. You can be quiet and impactful at the same time.” 


Using technology to support remote working

Ericsson’s solutions support people all over Australia (and the world) to work remotely, so it makes sense that its own team is well set up for remote working. Ericsson employees were already offered flexible work options prior to the pandemic, and that’s only increased since then.

“The company is very flexible with working from home. Even before the pandemic, if we wanted to work from home there was no hesitation. There is no mandated start or end time. As long as we get our work done, that is what matters.” 


This outcomes-based work is what more and more companies are speaking about now. It’s not about the time input, it’s about meeting your objectives. Ericsson were always ahead of the curve with that. If she has to work longer hours to meet a deadline, Leanne will take time in lieu to do her hobbies or hiking, cycling, and sewing most of her own clothes. 

With a job that she loves, plenty of career opportunities and a rich life outside of work, it seems like the boomerang kid is here to stay!

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Our transparent job board only has vacancies from employers we endorse and lets you see what benefits, policies and perks come with the job. Check out the latest job vacancies with Ericsson