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DEI support for where you’re at right now, and where you want to be 

From powering your strategy with data to earning our globally recognized endorsement, we can help your team have a real impact.

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It’s all about empowering teams with the tools they need to know better, do better, and be seen better

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Know better with data and support to develop a DEI strategy that gains buy-in and gets results.

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Do better with a trackable action plan, ongoing guidance, and expert resources.

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Be seen better with our global endorsement, reserved for companies with a proven commitment to DEI.

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What happens when teams need an extra hand?

The companies we work with can boost their DEI efforts by accessing a range of exclusive training, workshops, products, and support.

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The WORK180 team is so supportive and it’s nice to be working with a team that aligns with our thinking and supports us moving forward. The endorsement really helps us build brand awareness among diverse talent pools, but it’s not just a sticker or a badge…”

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The beauty of working with WORK180 is that you can really take from it essentially what you need. It’s giving you the opportunity of somebody outside your organization saying: ‘Have you considered doing this? Or let’s celebrate what you are doing by joining these campaigns…”

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The appeal of WORK180 was being recognized as an Endorsed Employer for All Women, so almost having this approved stamp that we could showcase internally and also to a wider audience. [We partnered with WORK180] to show that we absolutely do care about diversity…”

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Why is so much of your support focused on women?

While our endorsement highlights workplaces committed to the careers of all women (specifically, women of color, women living with disabilities, trans-women, and LGBTQ women), our work with organizations goes far beyond gender. For example, the Progress Hub – our all-in-one DEI assessment, action plan, and reporting tool – enables organizations to focus, track, and amplify their diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts with measurable impact.

Do you require an organization to be a certain size?

No, we work with organizations of all sizes and stages in their DEI journey. In fact, our pricing structure is designed to make DEI support accessible to companies of any size.

What happens if we do/don’t have a DEI strategy already in place?

Whether you’re just starting out or deep into your strategy, it all starts with a thorough assessment of your organization. This will either help you create a strong strategy from the start, or identify the strengths and opportunities in your current one.

How much do your services cost?

Our packages and pricing depend on your company’s size, needs, and stage of your DEI journey. To find out more, request a call with one of our team.

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